Massage Treatments in Norwich

At Treat we offer tailored massage treatments to suit your individual needs for men, women and young adults - whether you're seeking time to relax or you are suffering from back pain, muscle tension or a sports injury we have a variety of  massage types to suit you!

Our Norwich and Norfolk based massage therapists are multi skilled and are trained to target the correct muscles to provide relief from all those aches and pains. 

Why not treat your loved one at the same time too, our couples massage will leave you both utterly relaxed. A great gift for valentines, engagements, weddings, birthdays or just some down time with that special someone.

Pregnancy Treatments

Pregnancy Massage and Pregnancy Manual Lymphatic Drainage should be booked from your first trimester. Consult your Midwife or GP before seeking this treatment. 

About your treatment

All treatment duration's include a short consultation, time to get undressed/dressed, treatment and aftercare advice.

For health & safety please be aware that the recommended weight capability for our Treatment Couches is no more than 32 stone or 203 kg. If you are over the weight capability please call Treat Reception before booking an appointment to discuss how we can best accommodate you.

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They can choose from a range of beauty, health & well-being treatments.

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Deep Tissue Massage In Norwich
Stiff neck, tense shoulders, chronic back pain, aching muscles? Deep Tissue Massage can help. It realigns deep layers of muscle and connective tissue using slow deep concentrated pressure on areas of chronic tension or injury.
Cupping & Deep Tissue Massage In Norwich
Combined cupping & deep tissue massage is an extremely therapeutic treatment. To help ease fibrous bands of contracted muscular tissue, chronic muscle tension, relieve stress, anxiety, break down scar tissue, increase blood flow and clears metabolic waste.
Cupping Massage In Norwich
Cupping Massage encourages blood flow into the muscles, clearing metabolic waste. Reducing the build up of lactic acid and tension in the muscular fibres. This form of deep tissue massage can help with pain, discomfort, inflammation, relaxation and well-being.
Sports Massage In Norwich
Sports Massage is good for anyone with physically demanding jobs, or with a physically active lifestyle. Treat offers maintenance, pre-event, post-event and rehabilitative massage, treatments that help prevent injury, enhance recovery and reduce muscular discomfort.
Holistic Massage In Norwich
A tailored massage using the holistic approach, combined with traditional Swedish massage techniques. Using long, gliding strokes that align with the direction of the heart and lymphatic flow. To enhance blood flow, improve circulation and increase your feeling of well-being.
Swedish Massage In Norwich
Swedish Massage is one of the most common types of massage aimed at promoting relaxation, soothing your muscles, releasing tension, stimulating endorphins to help improve your mood and encouraging general well-being.
Indian Head Massage In Norwich
A seated or lying down relaxing massage for the back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face. Helps to ease stress-related conditions and aid relaxation. Improves circulation and blood flow to the head encouraging hair growth. Can give relief from tension headaches, eye strain, TMJ and nasal congestion's.
Stone Therapy Massage In Norwich
If you are feeling tense or stressed, or have deep muscular pain Stone Therapy Massage is a massage with a difference. Hot smooth large basalt volcanic stones are laid on the body over a sheet, while smaller stones are used to slowly massage warmed oil into the body.
Aromatherapy Massage In Norwich
Aromatherapy Massage combines pure essential oils and nutritious carrier oils. Relaxing swedish massage strokes combined with the essential oils can help relieve stress, headaches, anxiety, depression, encourage sleep quality, improve your overall health and well-being.
Aromatherapy Foot Massage In Norwich
If your feet are aching after a long day, a foot massage can give you much-needed relief. Relaxes the feet and lower limb muscles. Encourages blood and lymph circulation. Helps to enhance joint mobility in the lower limbs and reduce pain. Aids relaxation and relieves tension.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage In Norwich
Manual Lymphatic drainage uses very light gentle pressure techniques to help relieve swelling in the bodies tissues. Clearing lymphatic fluid in your tissues and moving it into your lymph nodes, so it can then return to your heart via your blood. MLD can be used for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lipedema and post surgery swellings.
Pregnancy Massage In Norwich
Prenatal massage can help to relieve minor ailments associated with pregnancy like reducing lower back pain, reducing swelling and boosting circulation. As well as helping to prepare the body physically, mentally and emotionally for the birth. Pregnancy Massage should be booked from your first trimester. Consult your Midwife or GP before seeking this treatment.
Pregnancy Manual Lymphatic Drainage In Norwich
Pregnancy Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) uses very gentle light rhythmic techniques that can help reduce water retention, heavy legs, swollen feet, fatigue, aid circulation and increase energy levels. Should be booked from your first trimester. Consult your Midwife or GP before seeking this treatment.
Pregnancy Induction Massage in Norwich
Pregnancy Induction Massage consists of three elements working together - relaxing massage, labor inducing Aromatherapy Essential Oils and acupressure points to help induce birth naturally. Not recommended before 40 weeks gestation – success rate is likely to be higher after 41 weeks. You will need to get written consent from your GP or midwife prior to this treatment.
Oncology Massage In Norwich
Oncology Massage uses specialist massage therapy and traditional techniques for those who have been diagnosed with cancer, recovering from cancer or for those that need end of life care. It works therapeutically to give a renewed sense of deep relaxation.
Oncology Manual Lymphatic Drainage In Norwich
Manual lymphatic drainage can help to reduce the side effects of many types of cancer, surgery and lymph node removal. MLD can also help to manage the swelling that results from other surgery such as lumpectomy or mastectomy or reconstructions. Some people living with cancer may wish to have MLD purely for relaxation and wellbeing.
Dual/Couples Massage In Norwich
A chance to enjoy a choice of massages with a friend, family member or partner in our dual massage room. Ideal for special occasion's like a birthday or just to spend some quality time together.