treat yourself to a relaxing massage!

At treat we offer bespoke and tailored massage treatments tailored to your individual needs - whether you're seeking time to deeply relax or are suffering from back pain, muscle tension or a sports injury we have the right massage for you!

Our massage therapists are skilled and are trained to target the correct muscles to provide relief from all those aches and pains. 

Why not treat your loved one at the same time too, our bespoke couples massage will leave you both utterly relaxed...a great gift for valentines, engagements, weddings or just some down time with that special person.

To Book a massage or buy a gift voucher please call 01603 514195.
Aromatherapy Massage In Norwich
Aromatherapy Massage combines essential oils and a relaxing style of massage ideal for soothing away stress.
Cupping Massage In Norwich
Cupping encourages blood flow into the muscles clearing metabolic waste. Benefits can include strong anti-inflammatory responses, and a stronger immune system.
Therapeutic massage
A range of specialist therapeutic massages from Claire Gurney including treatments for Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, Oncology support, "Light Touch" massage for conditions such as osteoporosis and fibromyalgia and Swedish massage
Deep Tissue Massage In Norwich
Stiff neck, sore shoulders, chronic back pain, aching muscles? Deep tissue massage could help. It works on deep layers of muscle and connective tissue and is especially good for chronic tension or injury.
Dual/Couples Massage In Norwich
A chance to enjoy a choice of massages with a friend, family member or partner in our dual massage room.
Holistic Massage In Norwich
A deep Swedish style massage using long, even, gliding strokes that allign with the direction of the heart and lymphatic flow.
Hydrotherm Massage In Norwich
Hydrothermal massage helps relax muscles, calm and soothe jangled nerves and ease aches and pains. It uses warm water cushions and aromatherapy oils to provide a deeply relaxing experience and is especially useful for anyone unable to lie on their front as an all round massage can be given without the need to turn over
Hot Stone Massage In Norwich
If you are feeling tense or stressed, or have deep seated muscle pain hot stone therapy is a massage with a difference. Hot smooth basalt volcanic stones are laid on the body while smaller stones are used to slowly massage warmed oil into the body.
Sports Massage In Norwich, Norfolk
Sports Massage is good for anyone with physically demanding jobs, or with a physically active lifestyle. Treat offers pre-event, post-event, maintenance and rehabilitative massage, treatments that help prevent injury, enhance recovery and reduce muscular discomfort.
Indian Head Massage In Norwich
A seated massage for upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face. Helps ease stress-related conditions and aid relaxation.
Tui Na Massage In Norwich
Tui Na (pronounced twee na) is a therapeutic massage often used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).