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Welcome to treat, Norwich’s newest complementary health clinic

Home to a community of practitioners with a passion for holistic health.


Treat offers a wide range of complementary therapies, spa and beauty treatments, massage, birth preparation and hypnobirthing classes, psychotherapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy and fertility and pregnancy support.

Visit Therapies for a comprehensive list of treatments, Massage for the full range of massages available at the centre and Spa & Beauty "to treat yourself".

Treat’s acupuncture services, led by treat owner Rebecca Geanty, is the new home of her well established Norwich Acupuncture Rooms. Its multi-bed acupuncture, allowing access to acupuncture treatments at affordable prices, continues in its new home with regular clinics every Wednesday and Thursday. A Mature and Wise multi-bed is now available for the over 65's with an emphasis on pain relief.

Treat’s pregnancy and fertility services include pregnancy massage, yoga and pilates, acupuncture, birth preparation classes, hypnobirthing courses, and an “ask the midwife” service from a fully qualified midwife.

Whatever your health concerns or needs, contact treat – you can be sure of a warm, friendly welcome. 

About Us
treat Gift Vouchers
treat someone special to a relaxing massage, beauty or spa treatment or to a therapy of choice or simply buy a value and let them decide what they would like. Please call 01603 514195 and our reception team can arrange that for you. Payment can be taken over the phone and the voucher posted on your behalf.
Mature and Wise Clinic Only £21
This new "mature and wise" is aimed at people aged 65 years and over. We aim to specialise in pain conditions at this clinic although other conditions can be assessed for suitability. There is a community feel and the 'Mature and Wise' will be sat in a circle and encouraged to reminisce and to bring photos of their past if they wish. Tea and biscuits will be given either before or after their treatment. A full list of medication must be provided. Call 01603 514195 to book!
Beauty Therapy Winter Offer
Winter Rescue Facial - 60 mins £30 Combat the effects of cold winds and warm central heating with a hydrating and barrier repairing facial. Leaves skin supple, nourished and protected from the harsh elements.
I have been coming to treat to have acupuncture for fertility for the past six months. After two rounds of IVF, which was unsuccessful, I wanted to do everything I could for my last go. I had a private session first where my full fertility history was taken and lifestyle advice was given, which was very valuable. I then experienced my first acupuncture treatment, which didn't hurt and turned out to be really relaxing. I continued to have regular treatment in the community multi-bed clinic, which meant I could afford it. On the day of embryo transfer I had acupuncture before and after, which increased the success rate. 10 days later I had a positive result and now I have my lovely baby Amelia who is my dream come true.
Claire F, Norwich
Hypnobirthing with Molly was our favourite antenatal class. Molly taught us more than just hypnobirthing techniques, she helped us understand the physiology of birth and truly appreciate the ability of our bodies to birth naturally. Molly’s years of experience as a Midwife was a fantastic bonus. We loved Molly’s calming voice on her relaxation CD and practised every day at home. She involved the partners, teaching them massage and empowering them to help the women stay relaxed and focused during childbirth. We completed the course feeling confident, excited and with our anxieties calmed. Using Molly’s techniques, we had a quick, and easy water birth. This was the most joyful day of my life!
Rosie T
After learning the M Technique (deep relaxation therapy) from Jane, my clients have found the treatment to be utterly relaxing. It allows them to melt into submission, allowing their mind to unwind and let go of inner turmoil. After each treatment they feel rested yet refreshed, with the ability to think clearly and therefore deal with whatever life throws at them.
Michelle F, Colchester
Jane Sheenan's Deep Relaxation Technique is extremely relaxing, gently removes stress and leaves a feeling of wellbeing.
John R, Peterborough