Support from early conception to birth and beyond!

Treat's team of specialist Therapist's can help you, to make the best of you're pregnancy and motherhood. Our pregnancy and birth support team includes: 

Pregnancy - Pregnancy Massage, Acupuncture, Physio Pregnancy Yoga and Antenatal Pregnancy Class.

Labour - Pregnancy Induction Massage, Acupressure & Hypnobirthing.

Baby - Baby Massage and Baby Reflexology.

Postnatal Health - Mummy MOT, Mother and Baby Yoga. 


All treatment duration's include a short consultation, time to get undressed/dressed, treatment and Aftercare advice. 

To book a treatment or buy a gift voucher please call treat's Reception Team: 01603 514195 or [email protected]

Pregnancy Massage In Norwich
Massage adapted to fit your specific requirements on the day – can help relieve minor ailments associated with pregnancy such as lower back pain and supports overall health and wellbeing of you and your baby.
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Acupuncture In Pregnancy In Norwich
Acupuncture from a team with a special interest and training in pregnancy - acupuncture can help with issues like nausea and can be used for natural inductions and other pregnancy related issues
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Hypnobirthing In Norwich
Hypnobirthing gives you and your birth partner the tools and strategies to help remain relaxed, confident and calm throughout labour, no matter where or how you give birth.
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Physio Pregnancy Yoga in Norwich
These classes led by qualified physiotherapists with women's health specialisation help maintain fitness stamina and stability around the changing pelvic and lower back area through pregnancy, You will work on finding space and freedom through the often tight upper back, chest and shoulders and learn yoga techniques to help connect with your baby and relax.
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Baby Massage In Norwich
Baby massage teaches new parents how to connect emotionally with their babies using gentle soothing massage. The techniques help babies to be more relaxed, forming better sleep patterns and helping parents to develop stronger bonds with their babies. Classes for all babies up to one year of age.
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Free Antenatal Pregnancy Class For Women In Norwich
A chance to ask questions and talk through concerns in a relaxed environment. You determine the agenda and the Midwife will fill the gaps in the knowledge you already have and dispel some myths that you may have been exposed to on your journey to motherhood. It's also a chance to meet other mums to be and share experiences.
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Pregnancy Induction Massage In Norwich
A combination of massage, essential oils to stimulate contractions and help relaxation and acupressure points to help start contractions. This is a treatment aimed at women at term and especially women who have been recommended induction and want to avoid a medicalised procedure.
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Acupressure For Labour In Norwich
A private acupressure for labour session with Rebecca Geanty that will give you and your partner the tools to help you have a happy relaxing birth therefore potentially lessening the need for pain relief. One-to-one acupressure training for the birthing woman and her birth partner.
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Baby & Toddler Reflexology Classes In Norwich
A six week course teaching simple reflexology techniques that can calm your baby, aid digestion and help sleep. It also offers techniques for mums to help you become centred and find a calm place.
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Mummy MOT & Women's Health Physiotherapy
A new service from Treat's resident physiotherapist Rosie Taylor, the Mummy MoT is an in depth postnatal physiotherapy assessment of the abdominal and pelvic area. It checks posture, breathing, tummy gap and pelvic floor strength and offers a prescribe an appropriate safe exercise programme to help new mums regain full fitness and avoid some of teh potential long term adverse effects of...
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Core Restore Mother and Baby Yoga In Norwich
Gentle physio led yoga to help new mum's rebuild core body strength, help to manage the tension and strain carrying and nursing baby can put on upper body and back and provide a good social opportunity for new mums
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