Bump to Baby

Support from early conception to birth and beyond at Treat!

Treat's team of specialist Therapist's can help you, to make the best of your pregnancy and motherhood. Our pregnancy and birth support team includes: 

Pregnancy - Pregnancy Massage, Pregnancy Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Womens Health Physiotherapy, Pregnancy Reflexology and Acupuncture

Labour - Pregnancy Induction Massage, Acupressure, Reflexology for Labour Preparation & Hypnobirthing Classes.

Baby - Baby & Toddler Reflexology.

Postnatal Health - Mummy MOT.

About your treatment

All treatment duration's include a short consultation, time to get undressed/dressed, treatment and aftercare advice. 

For health & safety please be aware that the recommended weight capability for our Treatment Couches is no more than 32 stone or 203 kg. If you are over the weight capability please call Treat Reception before booking an appointment to discuss how we can best accommodate you.

If you have any allergies or you are hypersensitive to any ingredients in skincare products or massage oils - for example: latex, lanolin, essential oils, wheat or nuts - please advise your Therapist prior to your appointment, so they can use an alternative during your treatment.

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Hypnobirthing In Norwich
Hypnobirthing gives you and your birth partner the tools and strategies to help remain relaxed, confident and calm throughout labour, no matter where or how you give birth. Be more confident by busting negative beliefs and becoming an expert in relaxation by building plans that are right for you. Bringing it all together for your baby’s birth, preparing you and your partner.
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Free Introduction to Hypnobirthing In Norwich
A chance to ask questions and learn more with this free Introduction to hypnobirthing. It's also a chance to meet other new parents-to-be in a relaxed environment.
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Pregnancy Massage In Norwich
Prenatal massage is adapted to fit your specific requirements on the day of your treatment. It can help relieve minor ailments associated with pregnancy such as achy hips. legs, shoulders and lower back pain. Supports overall health and wellbeing of you and your baby. A Pregnancy Massage should be booked from your first trimester. Consult your Midwife or GP before seeking this treatment.
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Pregnancy Manual Lymphatic Drainage In Norwich
Pregnancy Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) uses very gentle light rhythmic techniques that can help reduce water retention, heavy legs, swollen feet, fatigue, aid circulation and increase energy levels. Should be booked from your first trimester. Consult your Midwife or GP before seeking this treatment.
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Pregnancy Reflexology In Norwich
Maternity reflexology can provide a great support throughout your pregnancy reducing feelings of stress or anxiety and boosting your feelings of wellbeing. Reflexology aims to optimise your physical and emotional health by working on specific reflexology points which correspond to different parts of your body. It is a holistic treatment which is deeply relaxing.
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Acupuncture In Pregnancy In Norwich
Acupuncture from a team with a special interest and training in pregnancy - acupuncture can help with issues like nausea and can be used for natural inductions and other pregnancy related issues
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Pregnancy Induction Massage In Norwich
A combination of relaxing massage, specific pure essential oils and acupressure points to help start contractions naturally. This treatment is aimed at pregnant women that are at least 40 weeks gestation and who have been recommended induction and want to avoid a medicalised procedure. Consult your Midwife or GP before seeking this treatment.
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Reflexology for Labour Preparation In Norwich
Reflexology is an excellent way to prepare for labour as it relieves stress and anxiety and helps you to become deeply relaxed which is the best possible state for being ready to give birth to your baby.
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Acupressure For Labour In Norwich
A private acupressure for labour session with Rebecca Geanty that will give you and your partner the tools to help you have a happy relaxing birth therefore potentially lessening the need for pain relief. One-to-one acupressure training for the birthing woman and her birth partner.
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Mummy MOT & Women's Health Physiotherapy
The Mummy MoT is an in depth postnatal physiotherapy assessment of the abdominal and pelvic area. It checks posture, breathing, tummy gap and pelvic floor strength and offers a prescribe an appropriate safe exercise programme to help new mums regain full fitness and avoid some of teh potential long term adverse effects of pregnancy and labour.
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Baby & Toddler Reflexology In Norwich
Simple reflexology techniques are used on babies and toddlers that can help improve sleep, relaxation, colic, reflux, skin conditions, soothe teething discomfort and enhance well-being. Babies tend to enjoy having their feet touched in this gentle way. It is very soothing and provides comfort for baby, helping them to feel better if they are tired or unsettled.
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