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A small selection of what treat-norwich Complementary Health Clinic clients say, about treat's highly experienced Therapist's and Practitioner's. How much they have enjoyed their treatments, what health benefits they have gained and about their own personal experience's.

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I thank you for all your help and your calm, professional and measured advice. I would have no hesitation at all in referring friends / or colleagues to you, as you provide such a calming, and wonderful experience.

Your community treatment arrangement is great, as well as your private suites. All your staff are kind, and friendly and are an asset to your business.

9th May 2019
Damian Conway
I'd like to thank you for the very successful treatment you and your team have provided for me with my frozen shoulder. It was exceedingly uncomfortable when I initially came for treatment and the acupuncture sessions that you provided have been very effective in reducing pain and increasing flexible movement of the joint. I so appreciated that you made sure that I was able to get an accurate diagnosis from Rosie, with her physiotherapy expertise plus suitable exercises. The specialised massage, Tui na, also helped a lot but most effective of all was the acupuncture and cupping.
I'm so relieved to be so much more comfortable as my sleep has improved and as a result I feel more alert and can remember things better.
So a big thank you and a great endorsement of acupuncture as a treatment which works quickly and painlessly.
I have been coming to treat to have acupuncture for fertility for the past six months. After two rounds of IVF, which was unsuccessful, I wanted to do everything I could for my last go. I had a private session first where my full fertility history was taken and lifestyle advice was given, which was very valuable. I then experienced my first acupuncture treatment, which didn't hurt and turned out to be really relaxing. I continued to have regular treatment in the community multi-bed clinic, which meant I could afford it. On the day of embryo transfer I had acupuncture before and after, which increased the success rate. 10 days later I had a positive result and now I have my lovely baby Amelia who is my dream come true.
Claire F
Hypnobirthing with Molly was our favourite antenatal class. Molly taught us more than just hypnobirthing techniques, she helped us understand the physiology of birth and truly appreciate the ability of our bodies to birth naturally. Molly’s years of experience as a Midwife was a fantastic bonus. We loved Molly’s calming voice on her relaxation CD and practised every day at home. She involved the partners, teaching them massage and empowering them to help the women stay relaxed and focused during childbirth. We completed the course feeling confident, excited and with our anxieties calmed. Using Molly’s techniques, we had a quick, and easy water birth. This was the most joyful day of my life!
Rosie T
After learning the M Technique (deep relaxation therapy) from Jane, my clients have found the treatment to be utterly relaxing. It allows them to melt into submission, allowing their mind to unwind and let go of inner turmoil. After each treatment they feel rested yet refreshed, with the ability to think clearly and therefore deal with whatever life throws at them.
Michelle F, Colchester
Jane Sheenan's Deep Relaxation Technique is extremely relaxing, gently removes stress and leaves a feeling of wellbeing.
John R, Peterborough
Wow! This is definitely the deepest feeling of relaxation I have ever experienced!
Karen W, Peterborough
Vicki is a lady with magic hands, having been for deep tissue massages before I was sceptical as they weren't very good but Vicki is amazing at putting my body back into shape!! A truly relaxing and friendly atmosphere, Vicki puts you at ease immediately. Cannot recommend her enough!
I've been visiting the affordable acupuncture multi-bed fortnightly to help lessen the frequency of my headaches and migraines. I love the care and attention you receive, and I always leave feeling relaxed and re-balanced.
Complementary Therapies:

A calm peaceful place. I suffer with severe back pain and I am sure that without Vicki's treatment I would be in a wheelchair. My fortnightly visits over the last six years have kept me mobile.

I cannot recommend Vicki highly enough.

Acupuncture at Treat has been immensely helpful to me. The way that Treat works means that I have a real rapport with the therapists. It means that I am treated as an individual, with acupuncture catered to my specific needs and requirements.

The multibed makes it more affordable and has a more social feel. I've chatted with other patients and even had a laugh, which makes it feel more relaxed. Acupuncture is amazing and I would recommend Treat to anyone.
I really enjoyed my first ever Hand Treatment. Vicki made it feel very relaxing, a gentle touch and very thorough, guiding me through aftercare and how to improve my nail health. Definitely considering more treatments in the future!
Been having treatments from Vicki many years. Always been reliable and reasonable couldn’t praise her enough. Would recommend to anyone if their after a quality service.