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Online Gift Cards are for any occasion - Mother's DayMum-to-be, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Father's day, Easter, Valentine's, Christmas, or just to say Thank You.

Choose a nomination by clicking on the Treat E Gift Card image that says From £35 and then click on the drop down box to see the different prices and have your credit card details to hand.

Once you have purchased an Online Gift Card it sends a gift card code straight to your email inbox for you to send on or print instantly. The person receiving the online gift card will need to bring in the voucher code when they have their treatment as payment.

They can choose from a range of beauty, health & well-being treatments.

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How Autumn Acupuncture Can Set You Up for the Winter27/09/2023
Acupuncture can help to boost your immune system, detoxify the body and helps your body ease from the summer months and into the winter.This can help to prevent possible cold or flu-like symptoms and it can also unblock stagnant points in meridians that cause changes in mood during seasonal change.
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Discover How the Treat Team Celebrated15/09/2023
The Treat Team marked their seventh birthday with a morning workshop on colour therapy by Mark Wentworth, followed by a meal at The Artichoke pub. According to the Colour PsychoDynamics® methodology, we each have a personal colour which helps us to understand who we are and how and why we respond to situations in the way that we do.
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How do we ‘Treat’ Sleep with Acupuncture?10/08/2023
It’s important to understand why you are having difficulties sleeping in the first place. Possible causes such as pain, stress, menopausal symptoms, depression, constitutional imbalance or whether you’re a light sleeper. Our acupuncturists will then know where the imbalance is and which acupuncture points to treat to help the sleep return to a normal pattern.
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Therapist Spotlight: Cathy Eden, Life Coach at Treat26/07/2023
If you need support to improve your wellbeing, reduce stress, avoid burnout and develop tools to help you navigate times of change and difficulty Cathy Eden - Life Coach can help.
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Ways Diet and Acupuncture Can Treat Long Covid25/06/2023
The most common symptoms of long Covid we’ve seen in our patients includes fatigue and headaches. If you or a loved one has been feeling exhausted without improvement after a bout of Covid, It may be time to consider trying acupuncture which can help relieve fatigue, low mood, mental fogginess, poor sleep and other symptoms.
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Stepping up and putting your health first17/06/2023
National Men's Health Month is an incredible opportunity for men to put their health and wellbeing first and embrace positive changes.Treat’s life coach offers some challenges to help men take better care of themselves and move towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.
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Swedish Massage12/06/2023
Swedish massage is a traditional form of massage involving sweeping, kneading and stretching techniques to improve circulation, reduce muscular tension and promote wellbeing.
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The Needles in Acupuncture06/06/2023
It’s perfectly natural to feel a little apprehension when embarking on a new complementary therapy. When it comes to having acupuncture, we find most people enjoy the experience, whereas others need a little reassurance to ease into their first session.
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If you're looking to improve your social connections and strengthen your relationships, consider working with a life coach who can guide you through the process.
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How coaching can help you deal with death and dying08/05/2023
Dealing with grief or the prospect of death can be an incredibly challenging and emotional experience. Life coaching is a holistic approach to personal development that focuses on helping people identify and achieve their goals. While life coaching is often associated with career and personal growth, it can also be a helpful tool for people dealing with grief and loss.
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