The Acupuncture Point for Headaches

Understanding ‘The Point’ Through Storytelling

Part 2: The Acupuncture Point for Headaches

In a previous blog post, you may remember we mentioned that Treat Norwich, and two of our acupuncturists – our founder Rebecca Geanty and also Liz Douglas - we each invited to share a bit about acupuncture for the wellbeing publication, Breathe magazine.

Last time we shared a bit about Shen Men point (Heart 7) in acupuncture and how that point can help us to feel inner peace and calm.

Acupuncture is an approach with over two thousand years of history in Chinese medicine. The theory behind traditional acupuncture is based on the concept of Qi (pronounced chee), which is often described as life-force, vitality or energy.

Through assessing and careful questioning, acupuncturists can determine the state of a person’s Qi, which is often related to the ‘organs’. They refer to names such as Lungs, Kidney and Liver which are defined differently in Chinese medicine to the biomedical lungs and kidneys, although sometimes there is overlap.

The Qi flows around the body along 14 meridians, each of which have acupuncture points. However, the Chinese word for meridian, jingluo, relates to two concepts: When illness occurs there’s a lack of Qi or an excess of Qi. Acupuncture helps to move the flow of Qi to help balance a person’s energy and clear any blockages.

Rebecca Geanty our founding acupuncturist here at Treat Norwich, explains below how these invisible energetic channels or meridians actually work, she uses some metaphorical storytelling aspects to bring acupuncture’s magic to life. This week she talks about The Great Eliminator which is a great point for help regulate Qi and is great for headaches.

2) The Great Eliminator (Large Intestine 4)

Metaphor: A Tiger’s Open Mouth

A classic point found in acupuncture is The Great Eliminator (Large Intestine 4). You can also envisage this as like a ‘tiger’s mouth’ or else a yawning tiger, which refers to the shape made when the thumb and index finger open wide like a tiger’s mouth. The point is located in between the thumb and index finger or the ‘open mouth of a tiger’. This point is known as a ‘command point’ of the face and mouth, which is thought to influence and regulate the flow of Qi. It is an individual point that has strong and broad effects its related part of the body (namely the face and mouth).

The Great Eliminator is believed to have various therapeutic effects and its use is not necessarily about eliminating specific conditions but rather about promoting balance and addressing a range of issues. Eliminating and nourishing and for bringing in fresh energy, this points offers you the calm bridge between what was and what is now.

LI4 is also translated to Union Valley, a well-known point for headaches, it helps with pain anywhere in the body but especially in relation to your head. It supports elimination by nourishing your resources so that you are able to let go. When you have feelings of anxiety or distress and confusion, this point can clear out the system and nourish the body's energies at the same time. (Caution: to be avoided in pregnancy.)

For more storytelling and many nuggets of information about how acupuncture works, book a treatment with Rebecca, Liz or any of our other terrific acupuncturists today.

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