Acupuncture In Pregnancy In Norwich

Acupuncture in Pregnancy

Carried out by a trained professional, acupuncture during pregnancy is considered safe and has few risks. The Treat Acupuncture team have supported hundreds of women throughout pregnancy, labour and postnatally.

“I had acupuncture throughout both my second and third pregnancies. I really noticed a difference with my energy levels  compared to the first pregnancy. The labours were also much easier. I’m now pregnant again and I am definitely going to have treatment throughout this pregnancy, labour and postnatally.”


How much does it cost?

Acupuncture works best with a series of treatments. To keep treatment affordable most of our acupuncture at Treat takes place in a Multibed environment. It’s a model authentic to China where several people are treated at the same time in the same room.

Practitioners move from patient to patient giving treatment. Once needles are inserted patients relax while the acupuncturist treats the next person. Treatments are identical to those given one to one, the only difference is that privacy is balanced against affordability. Multibed sessions cost £24-00 - half the price of one to one sessions. Although multi bed sessions are "communal," patient dignity is our priority. If there's a need to remove clothing you remain covered, and a private room for a chat is available if need arises.

How can acupuncture help?

Throughout pregnancy Treat Acupuncturists have helped pregnant women deal with symptoms ranging from morning sickness, high/low blood pressure, tiredness, migraine and other headaches, and backache to constipation and pelvic pain. We can only give a few examples of how acupuncture can help - along with supporting evidence. We can't cover everything here- but if you have a query you are welcome to call reception and if they can't help they will ask a qualified acupuncturist to call you.

Anxiety and depression are common issues during pregnancy. Acupuncture treatment of depression in pregnancy was the subject of randomised medical trials at Stanford University they showed significant success - one of the study's authors, Dr Deidrie Lyell said

"I hope that people will respect the rigorous methodology used in this blinded, randomised, controlled trial and accept the result: Traditional acupuncture was associated with a significant improvement in depression."


Pre-birth treatments From week 36, regular, weekly treatments can be given to harmonies the mother’s energy and to focus on the process of preparation for labour. A 2002 study on over 200 women  concluded:

"The results indicate that acupuncture reduces the experience of pain in labor. A secondary outcome of acupuncture was a shorter delivery time, which mainly, if not exclusively, can be explained by the reduced need for epidural analgesia." 

Acupressure in labour is a safe and effective tool for labour that the birthing women and her partner can use. In couples interviewed the men stated that acupressure was their most used and valued tool, women found it to give them confidence and control, and a sense that they could "do something" to facilitate their labour. A 2011 Cochrane review of 13 trials involving 1986 women concluded that:

Acupuncture or acupressure may help relieve labour pain.

"Had a fabulous session with Rebecca yesterday with my husband learning how acupressure can help with labour. Hubs felt more confident he could do it at the end of the session and if it helps even half as much as the acupuncture did with our quest to get pregnant it will be excellent." Becca Reynolds Norwich

Foetal positioning and breech births: In China, where acupuncture originated, moxibustion (the smouldering of the herb artemisia vulgaris latiflora) has traditionally been used to encourage the baby to turn into a head-down position for labour.

Supporting the natural onset of labour: Acupuncture Natural induction

Women often come to see us near or past their due date to receive acupuncture treatment to balance their energy and encourage the natural onset of labour, prior to a medical induction. 

As stated in the guidelines from the British Acupuncture Council we are able to carry out a natural induction treatment at 41 weeks only with the written consent from your midwife or consultant.  We can carry out the induction earlier than 41 weeks if we get permission to do so again by your midwife or consultant. We have a letter we can sent you to take to your appointment. Please call our reception team to ask for a copy to be send to you.

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The Treat-Norwich acupuncture team are qualified to degree level, insured and registered with UK regulatory bodies for traditional acupuncture. Practitioners involved in pregnancy and baby services have specialist training in the area

Rebecca Geanty Lic.Ac. BSc (Hons) MBAcC

Treat’s founder and proprietor Rebecca works as a registered Traditional Acupuncturist, specialising in natural fertility for men and women. With over eleven years experience running her own practice and a BsC (Hons) from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM) she has helped countless patients with a variety of mental, emotional and physical conditions.

In 2010 Rebecca created Norwich Acupuncture Rooms at The Orange Grove Clinic as a way of making acupuncture more accessible and affordable to a wide range of people. In China acupuncture is a very common practice and recommended weekly to begin with for effective treatment. Rebecca’s goal was to replicate this in the Western world with the multi-bed setting to allow patients the option of weekly treatment at a more affordable price.

A year later Rebecca also set up the Acupuncture Childbirth Team for East Anglia (ACT), which acts as an acupuncture network for other practitioners to share and learn information on natural birth techniques and pregnancy-related complaints.

Rebecca’s latest passion is treat – a unique holistic clinic where the practitioners all strive to work together for the people of Norwich; combining their skills and knowledge in providing one-to-one care and group sessions/workshops, which empower and educate people to reach a state of well-being and contentment. Norwich Acupuncture Rooms is now an integral part of treat-norwich Complementary Health Clinic.

Therapies Duration Price
Acupuncture Private Initial 1.5 hrs £65
Acupuncture Private Follow up 1 hour 15 minutes £48
Affordable Multibed Clinic 1 hour 15 minutes £35 | Over 65's £35 | Unwaged £28
Children's Acupuncture 1 hour £35
Cupping Private 45 minutes £38
Fertility Acupuncture 1.5 hour (1st app) (then Multibed) £65 (Multibed £35)
Pregnancy Acupuncture 1 hour 15 minutes (1st app) (then Multibed) £48 (Multibed £35)
Acupressure for labour Instruction  2 hours £65
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Sam Coxeter Lic.Ac. BSc (Hons)

Sam’s interest in health and bodywork began over 10 years ago through practising Tai Chi and Qigong. He was immediately fascinated with the concept of qi and how this energy interacts within people and the environment. This interest directed him down various routes of complementary medicine including kinesiology, reiki and massage.

His continued enthusiasm for Chinese philosophy inspired Sam to study Chinese medicine. Specialising in Traditional Chinese Medical acupuncture, Sam completed his acupuncture training at Westminster in London.

As a professional therapist Sam works as part of the multi-bed acupuncture team at treat, he has been an active acupuncturist for nearly 7 years. Treatments are aimed at uncovering the underlying cause of a patient’s symptoms and health concerns, helping the body to repair and re-balance naturally.

Therapies Duration Price
Acupuncture Private Initial 1.5 hrs £65
Acupuncture Private Follow up 1 hour 15 minutes £48
Affordable Multibed Clinic 1 hour 15 minutes £35 | Unwaged £28  
Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture 1.5 hours £70 
Cupping Private 45 minutes £38
Fertility Acupuncture  1.5 hrs (1st appt) (then Multibed) £65 (Multibed £35)
Pregnancy Acupuncture  1 hour 15 minutes(1st appt) (then Multibed) £48 (Multibed £35)

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Liz Douglas Lic.Ac. BSc (Hons)

Liz is a qualified acupuncture practitioner, gaining a BSc (Hons) Degree in Acupuncture from the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine (CICM) in Reading. She practices an integrated approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Constitutional Acupuncture.

Liz is a member of the The British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) and holds a full acupuncture license.

She regularly expands her knowledge base and updates her skills by attending Continuing Professional Development courses and events.

Treatment is holistic and focuses on the whole person rather than just one symptom or the disease. In order to have a full understanding of what is happening in the body Liz will go through your health history, including a look at your physical and emotional wellbeing and lifestyle. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses a pulse and tongue diagnosis, so Liz will take a look at your tongue and take your pulse at each appointment.

Therapies Duration Price
Acupuncture Private Initial 1.5 hrs £65
Acupuncture Private Follow up 1 hour 15 minutes £48
Affordable Multibed Clinic 1 hour 15 minutes £35 | Unwaged £28
Cupping Private 45 minutes £38
Fertility Acupuncture 1.5 hrs (1st appt) (then Multibed) £65 (Multibed £35)
Pregnancy Acupuncture 1 hour 15 minutes(1st appt) (then Multibed) £48 (Multibed £35)

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Jordan Fay Marshall Lic.Ac. BSc (Hons) MBAcC

Jordan Fay is a fully licensed Acupuncturist with the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC). A dedicated practitioner of Chinese Medicine, gaining a Bachelor of Science (BsC Hons) in 2021 in Traditional Chinese Medicine, at the University of Westminster. Jordan has gained experience working in clinics across London since 2015, including the University Polyclinic and the NHS Gateway Acupuncture Clinic.

Jordan works with conditions such as; fertility, gynaecology, IVF, pain, insomnia, seizures, chronic fatigue, digestive issues, asthma, hypertension and pregnancy. Having a special interest in mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. Jordan also does Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture that can help eliminate puffiness under the eyes, improve skin complexion, reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It can also help to tighten the skin around the neck and treat skin conditions like acne and rosacea.

Now based in Norwich, Jordan’s passion is to empower patients through a caring empathetic approach to understand their bodies and discover the healing power of Chinese Medicine - physically, mentally and emotionally. Her approach bridges the gap between holistic and western medicine in a safe and nurturing environment. Her inquisitiveness means she is adaptable in integrating new treatments and therapies into her practice, providing positive benefits for her patients and also giving Chinese Medicine based nutrition and lifestyle advice. 

Therapies Duration Price
Acupuncture Private Initial 1.5 hrs £65
Acupuncture Private Follow up 1 hour 15 minutes £48
Affordable Multibed Clinic 1 hour 15 minutes £35 | Over 65's £35 | Unwaged £28
Cupping Private 45 minutes £38
Fertility Acupuncture 1 hour 15 minutes(1st app) (then Multibed) £48 (Multibed £35)
Fertility Acupuncture 1.5 hrs (1st appt) (then Multibed)

£65 (Multibed £35)

Pregnancy Acupuncture 1 hour 15 minutes(1st appt) (then Multibed)

£48 (Multibed £35)

Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture 1.5 hrs


Discounted rate: 10 treatments - £630 (Pre-payment)

Discounted rate: 6 treatments - £400 (Pre-payment)

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Monday (Multi-bed) 5.45pm to 9pm

Tuesday(Multi-bed) 9am to 5pm

Thursday (Private) 9am to 1pm

Saturday  (Private) 9am to 2pm

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