Osteopathy in Norwich


Patients seek help for issues ranging from back pain, migraine, and digestive problems to insomnia, anxiety or depression. Others come for ongoing support in meeting the challenges of a busy active modern life style.

Who can it help?

Osteopathy is a safe and effective means of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders: aches, pain or injuries occurring to the anatomy and physiology, or physical structure, of the body. A consultation with an osteopath includes a thorough case history and physical examination: assessing muscles and joints and observing the quality of movements. Commonly treated complaints include: back ache, neck strains and whiplash, migraines and headaches, changes to posture in pregnancy, sports injuries, digestive problems/IBS, jaw and facial pain, repetitive strain injury (RSI), ‘frozen’ shoulder, rheumatic and arthritic symptoms, ‘trapped’ nerves & muscle spasm. Osteopaths’ patients include the young, older people, manual workers, office professionals, pregnant women, children and sports people.

How does it work?

Osteopathic treatment is based on manual, 'hands-on' mobilising and manipulative procedures and massage-type techniques, tailored to the individual patient and reinforced by guidance on diet, lifestyle and exercise; put simply, using a wide range of gentle manual techniques such as deep tissue massage, joint mobilisation, stretching and spinal manipulation or adjustment techniques, the goal of the osteopathic consultation is to evaluate the quality of physical movement on a local and general level and to restore mobility to 'stiff' joints and 'tight' muscles.

The majority of patients require an initial consultation (incl. treatment) followed by 2 to 3 follow-up appointments at weekly intervals, with a lot of patients choosing to visit every 8-12 weeks for ongoing maintenance or preventative 'MOT's'.

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Samuel Lidgley M.Ost.

Samuel has over 10 years of experience working within both NHS and private settings helping to support pain-relief and improved mobility of thousands of members of the local community. He has a masters-level university degree in osteopathy, is registered with the General Osteopathic Council and is a registered provider of all UK health insurance companies.

Samuel is a 'hands-on' structural osteopath, and has a particular interest in work-based and sports-related injuries and problems; however, he also has a special interest in paediatric osteopathy and has experience treating babies and children, cranially. In addition to his osteopathic practice, he is a published academic researcher and author, a rehabilitative Pilates instructor, a final-year clinical herbalism student, and entrepreneur. Samuel is also a qualified and experienced sports massage therapist and has worked for rugby teams in London and Norfolk; a highlight of his early career was being selected as the sports massage therapist for the 2012 London Olympics opening and closing ceremonies performing artists.

Treatments Duration Price
Initial Osteopathy Assessment up to 45 minutes


Under 25, Full-Time Student or Unemployed £50

Follow Up Appointment up to 30 minutes


Under 25, Full-Time Student or Unemployed £35

Initial Herbal Medicine Assessment up to 45 minutes


Under 25, Full-Time Student or Unemployed £40

Follow Up Appointment up to 30 minutes


Under 25, Full-Time Student or Unemployed £25

Herbal Medicine

Tinctures: £9 per 100ml (with a few exceptions for very expensive herbs such as Golden Seal (Hydrastis canadensis)).

The standard weekly dose is 100ml, but the vast majority of patients are prescribed 500ml of formula at a time – enough to last roughly 5 weeks. Prescriptions work out costing roughly £1.30 per day.

Tablets: 60 tablets (usually sufficient for at least 1 month) - £12 - £20

Dried herbs: £3 - £12 per 100g

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