Managing the Menopause In Norwich

Managing the Menopause

For many of us, the menopause signals the beginning of the end. We misunderstand our bodies and assume that they are failing us. However, post-menopause, most women will have 30-40 years left and it is crucial that we take the time to pause, take stock and evaluate how we want to spend the wisest years of our lives, as well as finding ways to take the best care of our minds and bodies to maximise our health.

Dealing with this natural transition, the move from childbearing towards a more liberated and more relaxed phase of life isn't always easy. Many women experience symptoms like mood swings, hot flushes, insomnia, headaches and fatigue and anxiety associated with perimenopause and the menopause.

Our 21st century culture adds psychological pressure. A youth-obsessed world tends to emphasise “loss” of fertility, rather than transition and the accumulation of wisdom and freedom. Today, for most women, the traditional roles of motherhood and homemaking are combined with full time work and, if that wasn't enough, menopause often occurs at a period of other emotionally difficult times, when children are leaving home and there's a re-evaluation of roles within the family.

How does Reflexology help?

Menopause is a period of transition. Oestrogen levels start to fall and this has many impacts, functions, including the levels of  the “stress hormone” Cortisol. As oestrogen levels fall cortisol levels can rise which means that the “flight fight hormone, adrenaline can easily be triggered and this can leave us feeling anxious and stressed.

Three common symptoms that women can experience in perimenopause and menopause are hot flushes, poor sleep and anxiety. A 2012 randomised controlled trial  in Iran, studying the effects of Reflexology on menopausal women showed a reduction of hot flushes from 4 to 9 per day to 2-3 per day and a significant reduction in sleep disorders. Reflexology has also been shown to significantly reduce anxiety state associated with ‘an increased feeling of ease and a reduction in anxiety”.

How can Reflexology help support you through the menopause?

Reflexology aids relaxation and helps improve well-being. Reflexology may also help improve mood, release tension and aid sleep; helping us to cope better and easing the stresses during this transitional time.

Reflexology acknowledges that every person is a unique individual, the only way to know if reflexology will help you is to try it! 

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Jane Sheehan MAR. MARR.
Jane has been working in the field of complementary therapy for 34 years following a natural progression through bodywork and energy based practices including Aromatherapy and Reflexology, Reiki to, Shiatsu and Qigong, these including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Jane has just been presented with the 2018 Federation of Holistic Therapists "Holistic Therapist of the Year"award. 

Award winning practitioner with over 20 years experience.

Jane's registered nurse training helped as she already had a good understanding of the Western science that is so important when working with TCM in a Western society. She is now teaching 3 thriving classes in Tai chi Qigong in Norwich which provides a great way for people to continue to experience improvements in their well-being and support the improvements they are experiencing.

Jane uses her skills as a hypnotherapist to focus on using hypnotherapy based techniques combined with reflexology to support women experiencing issues with fertility and during pregnancy to help relieve symptoms and promote well-being.

Jane has worked in a palliative care unit, combining her nursing experience with her love of complementary therapy treatments. She developed this service to provide the much needed treatments for fragile patients, and relatives needing a small oasis of relaxation, and emotional support.

Jane now offers Shiatsu and reflexology - Fertility, Pregnancy, Baby and Toddler. As well as Hot Stone Reflexology and The Fertile Body Method - Hypnotherapy. 

Jane has extensive experience in working with women’s health issues. She is described as someone who radiates a sense of calm and relaxation and creates a relaxing non judgmental environment. She has worked with a variety of therapies which enables her to offer an individualised approach to treatment drawing on her various skills.  

She trained and qualified with the Shiatsu College in Norwich and graduated in 2009. She assists at the Shiatsu college and maintains her professional development  there. Her special interest is using Shiatsu to support women's health through all the stages of life including children, teenagers, fertility, pregnancy and menopause. She is also a qualified Tai chi Qigong teacher and may offer exercises to use in between treatments.

Therapies Duration Price

Fertility Reflexology

60 mins £55 initial session (Includes a free phone chat before appt)
Fertility Reflexology 60 mins Follow Up £55
Pregnancy Reflexology 60 mins £55
Baby & Toddler Reflexology 60 mins £55
Reflexology 45/60 mins £50/£55
Hot Stone Reflexology  60 mins £65
Shiatsu 60 mins £55

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