Life coaching and long term condition support in Norwich

Life coaching and long term condition support in Norwich

Cathy Eden offers life coaching to help people make, meet and exceed their personal and professional goals. She also provides coaching support for people with long term health conditions who want to live a more satisfying life.

People who choose to work with a coach may be looking to:

  • Find accountability, motivation and support to make changes
  • Set goals to help get unstuck and move towards what matters to them
  • Create plans to help reduce feelings of overwhelm and to get things done
  • Develop a set of helpful coping skills to call upon in times of change or difficulty

Life coaching can help you see the bigger picture and develop your psychological flexibility in order to create meaningful change in your life. It can help build confidence, allow ideas to form or provide a place to explore whatever is on your mind. Coaching sessions are a supportive and nurturing space to work things through so you can achieve your goals.

As well as offering life coaching, Cathy has a special interest in working with people with long term health conditions. Through her own lived experience, Cathy understands that these conditions can create mental and physical challenges that sometimes leave people struggling to live their lives in a meaningful way. Through coaching, we can get to know who you are today – someone who lives with an illness but whose life can be about much more than that.

Alongside traditional life coaching tools, Cathy works with several psychological and behavioural therapies adapted for use in a coaching context. These include mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). She has a diploma in Resilience Coaching Skills and almost 20 years of experience working in complementary therapies.

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Cathy Eden BA (Hons) MAC

Cathy is a compassionate coach who cares deeply about supporting others to create meaningful lives. She is committed to enhancing the wellbeing and capabilities of the people she works with through effective person-centred coaching. When she’s not coaching, she works for the NHS, supporting people in their mental health recovery.

She is a member of the Association for Coaching and the Association of Contextual Behavioural Science.


Treatments Duration  Price
Coaching session (face to face) 60 minutes £50
20% discount for NHS staff    

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