Hypopressives In Norwich


Hypopressives is a method of exercise involving breath work, static and moving postures to recruit the  of the diaphragm, abdominals and pelvic floor. Hypopressives breathing techniques create low intra-abdominal pressure, a pelvic floor lift and a natural contraction of the core muscles.When practiced regularly hypopressives improves the resting tone and function of the core and pelvic floor. It can also be taught during pregnancy to prevent issues postnatally.

Regularly practicing Hypopressives can have many benefits including:

  • A reduction in symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction (e.g less leaking when you cough, an improved ability to get to the loo in time)
  • Reduced symptoms of pelvic organ prolapse (pelvic heaviness or a feeling of something in the vagina)
  • Improved muscle tone and appearance of the waist and abdominal muscles
  • Improved posture and overall fitness

To get the full benefits of hypopressives the technique needs to be practiced correctly and this is where 1:1 coaching can help. Claire Gurney is a women's health physiotherapist trained in hypopressives. Claire has worked with many women experiencing pelvic floor issues and pelvic organ prolapse. She has found hypopressives have benefitted many women who's symptoms have not improved with traditional pelvic floor exercises and routine physiotherapy.  

Claire offers individual hypopressives appointments at treat-norwich of 30, 45 or 60 minutes. These can be booked online and 60 minutes is recommended for your first appointment. (prices as for Pilates £30 mins £35, 45 mins £45, 60 mins £55)

For those looking for more guidance and ready to commit to long term symptom improvement claire offers a 14 week "create lift" programme of personalised one-to-one coaching (via zoom video call or in-person)

This involves:

  • 6 hours (or 12x 30 mins) over 14 weeks, with email and whatsapp support between sessions
  • Symptom improvement monitoring for women with a prolapse or pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Online videos and PDF cards to help with self-practice
  • Ongoing access to  more advanced hypopressives exercise videos after the 14 weeks.

To book press here:

To sign up to the programme or for more information contact Claire direct by calling:
07776044304 or [email protected]