Fertility Acupuncture In Norwich


A recent British study showed a positive significant statistical difference in the results for people who had acupuncture alongside their IVF treatment. The rates of success were twice as high amongst those who had this relaxing therapy.

The study by Homerton University Hospital in London, involved 160 couples who had fertility issues. The pregnancy rates of those who had acupuncture were 46.2 per cent of women. For those who did not have acupuncture the positive results were just 21.7 per cent.

Essentially the acupuncture may help to reduce the couples stress levels while they are trying to conceive. As times goes on often tension builds within a relationship. Acupuncture can both be an opportunity for couples to discuss concerns, talk about their feelings, as well as helping to address the physical and emotional issues relating to fertility. There is more information about how this treatment may help you on Norwich Acupuncture Rooms