Acupressure For Labour In Norwich


This 2x hour private acupressure for labour session with Rebecca Geanty will give you and your partner the tools to help you have a happy relaxing birth therefore potentially lessening the need for pain relief. 

One-to-one acupressure training for the birthing woman and her birth partner. You will learn a set of acu-points that you and your partner can use to assist the natural process of labour. Out of the couples we have trained we here some very positive feedback about the success of their experience with acupressure.

Cost: £60

“My husband Doug used the back pressure points that we had learnt in the workshop, and I used the hand/thumb point at the start of each contraction and had brilliant results. They instantly took the edge off, reducing pain significantly. This then gave me the chance to get my breathing under control which I couldn’t do without the acupressure. We both were relieved and comforted to have something “to do”... We would highly recommend it.”

Amy and Doug (and baby Lily).

Call 01603 514195 to book