What is an Acupuncture Multi-Bed?

What is an Acupuncture Multi-Bed?

We’re very lucky here at Treat Norwich to have a thriving acupuncture multi-bed and we wanted to share a little bit about what to expect at a multi-bed, and why it’s such a beneficial way to receive acupuncture.

What actually is a ‘multi-bed’?

Often an acupuncture treatment is conducted as a one-to-one session between the client and the acupuncturist. However, there is also another concept whereby you can receive an acupuncture treatment in a ‘multi-bed’ clinic. This is a space where several people are treated together. Usually the treatment is done in one large space or within smaller pods or rooms close to each other. There are some really fascinating energetic benefits for having acupuncture in a multi-bed session, plus, it works out cheaper than a standard one-to-one session.

How does it work?

Multi-beds started to appear here in the UK around a couple of decades ago, however, in the far East, it’s commonplace to treat people together in this way. The reason why it’s possible to treat a few people at the same time is because acupuncture needles are often left to do their magic for anything between 20 and 60 minutes. So the practitioner can place the needles in one patient and then leave them to relax into their treatment before they move onto another client. (Rest assured, the acupuncturist is always nearby and will regularly pop over to check on you, should you need anything.)

A more cost-effective way…

Because the practitioner can treat more than one client, this means we can reduce the price of each treatment. For example, an initial acupuncture session lasts 70 minutes at Treat Norwich and costs £70, which then reduces to £52 (70 minutes) for subsequent sessions. Whereas a multi-bed session is only £38 (for the initial session and subsequent sessions).

The history of Treat’s multi-bed…

After qualifying as an acupuncturist, Treat’s Founder, Rebecca Geanty, could instantly see the benefit of setting up an acupuncture multi-bed where clients could receive acupuncture at an affordable rate.

Acupuncture is more effective with a course of weekly treatment to start with, maybe 6-10 treatments depending on your condition. However, not everyone can afford private complementary treatments and so Rebecca wanted to make it accessible for our local community and beyond. The multi-bed seemed the best option which focuses on both the wellbeing of the patients and also the practitioner.

In fact, the vision for Treat Norwich was developed when Rebecca was running her smaller private clinic, where her multi-bed was seeing 70 patients per week! Rebecca could see the value in clients being able to access other therapies under one roof, with a focus on offering high-quality, professional services, where the practitioners really do care and work hard for their clients. Her vision for Treat's clients was to create a clinic that aims to empower them and to enable people to create a balance between their mind, body and spirit. 

The science bit…

Research has shown that patients being treated in multi-bed clinics report many positive experiences and very few negative, (Stone, 2006). As well as the reduced cost, an extra benefit of multi-bed clinics is the community spirit that emerges when several people are treated together. Patients consistently report that they like the sense of togetherness and humanity they find there.

Interestingly, the energy field or ‘chi’ field is created when several people are treated together and this can actually enhance the power of one’s healing experience, just as practicing yoga or tai chi alongside several other people can make it seem to flow more easily and more powerfully (AcMac.org).

What is Treat’s multi-bed like?

Here at Treat, you’ll find that a multi-bed treatment works almost exactly the same as a one-to-one treatment. The main difference is that clients are staggered. Your acupuncturist will still have a one-to-one chat with you before your treatment begins, exploring your general health and what you’d like to get out of your session. You’ll then be taken to one of four ‘beds’ - exactly the same as a massage table - within our multi-bed space. Each treatment table has a curtain for privacy and soft music playing into the background. It’s a relaxing experience and many clients comment on the lovely energy in the room – many can feel the finely-tuned atmosphere which is co-created by all the wonderful acupuncture energy!

If you have any questions about attending a multi-bed or a one-to-one acupuncture session, please feel free to drop us an email: [email protected]

About Treat

Treat is a Norwich-based Health & Wellbeing Clinic. Founder and acupuncturist - Rebecca Geanty started Norwich Acupuncture Rooms in 2011. Offering a cross section of therapies and a community multi-bed clinic. Norwich Acupuncture Rooms expanded into Treat in 2016 and was located at Capitol House in Norwich. In January 2022, Rebecca and her business partner David, renovated the Dyers Arm pub on Lawson Road, NR3. Today Treat therapists offer over 50 different health and wellbeing therapies, beauty and spa services.

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