Therapist Spotlight: Cathy Eden, Life Coach at Treat

Therapist Spotlight: Cathy Eden, Life Coach at Treat

This week we interview Treat’s inspirational life coach, Cathy Eden. Here she tells us more about how she discovered, and then later trained in, life coaching. She also shares more about how life coaching can help in different circumstances…

Tell us about your approach to life coaching, Cathy.

Initially I trained as a life coach, and then later, in resilience coaching. I provide coaching support to people who want to improve their wellbeing, reduce stress, avoid burnout and develop tools to help them navigate times of change and difficulty. Since I completed my training, I’ve developed my coaching practice to include tools and techniques from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). (ACT is an evidence-based approach that teaches mindfulness and acceptance skills and focuses on developing values-based actions to help people make meaningful changes in their lives and build psychological flexibility.) I’m an accredited member of the Association for Coaching and a member of the Association for Contextual Behavioural Science.

What did you do before life coaching, Cathy?

Before I became a coach, I trained as a reflexologist and then as a homeopath, while also working in project and event management, taking care of my family and living with a long term health condition. To help support me through these fast-paced and sometimes difficult years, I sought the guidance of some amazing coaches, therapists and teachers who taught me about mindfulness and how to take better care of myself.

Unfortunately, I eventually found myself experiencing burnout and knew that life had to change. I asked myself “What kind of life do I want to live?” and “What kind of work do I really care about?” I realised that what mattered most to me was supporting people to create change in their lives. I knew from my own experiences that spending time working through inner conflicts and life challenges could be truly transformative. 

Coaching was the home I found for my values, skills and lived experience. I enjoy every moment of the work I do. It’s a very special thing to be able to support people as they create change in their lives.

What kind of situations would life coaching help?

Life coaching helps people to find direction, explore their potential and create meaningful change in their lives. Coaching sessions are a non-judgmental, compassionate space, where people can explore their challenges and feel they are being listened to, cared for and supported. We work together so that you can achieve your goals and move forward. For example, I am currently coaching people who want to:

  • Improve their self-confidence 
  • Manage stress and avoid burnout 
  • Understand and overcome procrastination and avoidance
  • Prioritise self-care
  • Have accountability to help them get things done
  • Be clear about their goals and work out what matters to them
  • Create realistic and actionable plans to lead more fulfilling lives

I've also worked with people facing life changes like relocation, redundancy and relationship breakups - and lots more besides. 

Can you say more about your specialist area working with people with chronic conditions?

I felt called to offer coaching support for people with chronic conditions after my own experience of living with a complex long term autoimmune condition for over 30 years. For much of that time, I struggled with a lack of support around lifestyle management and general psychological wellbeing – hence wanting to be able to offer that help to those who need it.

I therefore also offer a specialist coaching service to people with long-term health challenges such as ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, long Covid, brain injury, fertility problems, cancer (and cancer survivors), diabetes and arthritis.

Many people living with a change in health might experience feelings of grief, anger, shame, isolation and helplessness. Coaching can help people to explore these feelings, develop greater acceptance and self-compassion and live more fulfilling lives despite their health challenges. I also help people living with long-term health conditions to:

  • Set goals and actions aligned with what matters to them
  • Tackle avoidance or lack of motivation
  • Adjust to new circumstances
  • Manage their health more effectively
  • Make lifestyle changes that enhance overall wellbeing and life satisfaction

What does a session involve and how many session do you need? 

I usually suggest that clients commit to at least three coaching sessions. This commitment gives clients the opportunity to start working on some goals or changes and review progress. Some people prefer weekly sessions, while others have sessions on a fortnightly or monthly basis. We can discuss session frequency when we meet. A 60-minute coaching session costs £50 and includes any worksheets, recordings or other information sent after the appointment. I offer a 20% discount for NHS staff.

Before you commit to coaching, I invite you to book a free 30-minute introductory call. This call can take place over the phone or on Zoom.

The booking link is on my website. During the call, we can discuss your aims and ensure that coaching is right for you before you commit. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can go ahead and book a full hour long appointment at Treat. I welcome clients to get in touch with any questions. My number is 07908 459270 and my email address is [email protected]

Tell us a little bit more about you, Cathy. What do you like doing in your spare time?

When I’m not coaching, I work within the NHS supporting people in their mental health recovery. Outside of work, I love music and dancing, I’m a sock-knitter and I like to cook (Thai and South Indian food are favourites). I especially enjoy being by the sea – the Norfolk coast is definitely my happy place.

About Treat:

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