Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

In this blog I will talk about one of the most popular forms of massage therapies that I offer - Swedish Massage

What is Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is a traditional form of massage involving sweeping, kneading and stretching techniques to improve circulation, reduce muscular tension and promote wellbeing. Usually unscented oil or massage lotion is used. The pressure in a Swedish massage can be varied to suit the client but it is typically lighter than a sports of deep tissue massage. It can be applied to most areas of the body and typical treatments are a “full body” treatment (for the neck, shoulders, back, arms and legs), a neck, back and shoulders treatment and a head, face, neck and shoulders treatment. I discuss what you would like from the massage before your treatment starts and can give recommendations to suit you.

Who can benefit from a Swedish Massage?

Almost anyone can benefit from a Swedish massage! It is very versatile and can be used to relieve physical symptoms of muscular aches and pains and poor circulation. It is also very relaxing and in most treatments quiet music is played in the background to promote relaxation and wellbeing. It can benefit those struggling with stress and anxiety and anybody who needs some quiet time to relax.

How long does the treatment take?

A typical full body treatment will take 60 minutes, neck back and shoulders typically 30 minutes, however the time and areas treated can be adapted to suit the individual.

Does it matter what I do after the massage?

To maintain the benefits of the massage I advise all clients to drink plenty of water to aid the function of the lymphatic and circulatory systems which will function better after the massage. I advise clients to stay fairly active e.g to walk home and to keep moving generally, light exercise is ok but very strenuous exercise is not advised. Its also advisable to avoid anything too mentally taxing after the massage as you will likely feel very relaxed and concentrating may be difficult.

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