Prenatal and Postnatal Pilates

Pilates and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of significant change for the body and Pilates is the perfect form of exercise to help maintain your strength, fitness and energy levels as your body changes with each trimester.

Why Pilates?

Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise, it strengthens and stretches the body, improving posture and mobility without placing stress on the joints. Pilates exercises can be easily adapted during pregnancy to suit changes in your posture, body shape and energy levels, as your body changes with each trimester.

Varied and less intense than standard classes, specialist pregnancy Pilates classes are planned with pregnancy in mind. Exercises are chosen and adapted to provide an effective workout, completely safe for mother and baby. These classes are an excellent way to help your body cope with the changes you’re experiencing and prepare for the stresses to come.

Benefits of Pilates during pregnancy

Pilates has many benefits for mums-to-be, it strengthens the pelvic floor and abdominals, helping to prepare the body for a smoother pregnancy and birth.

Mothers-to-be who regularly exercise these core muscles often experience shorter labours and reduced lower back pain or pelvic pain. Attending classes will help to boost your immune system, circulation, and provide the energy levels you need to enjoy your pregnancy and become better prepared for labour.

Regular practising of Pilates before birth can help you to cope with the demands of labour and childbirth. Pilates improves your body awareness, retrains your muscles to activate properly, and strengthens your abdominals and pelvic floor. Women who exercise during pregnancy often recover quicker from birth, feeling more energetic and able to return to being active sooner after birth.

By training your body to stay strong and function correctly, you will be more able to cope with not just labour and childbirth but also the exciting months to follow. Pilates keeps the legs, back arms and shoulders strong and flexible, in preparation for the physical demands of being a mum – such as breastfeeding, carrying your baby, lifting heavy bags or pushing a pram.

Attending classes throughout pregnancy will also provide social support and a sense of mental wellbeing, whilst helping your body to get back in shape faster after childbirth.

Classes at treat

Small group Pregnancy Pilates classes are available at treat. Please call for more details on dates as we are gathering interest before we put the days/times together. Mums-to-be can benefit from extra support, advice and guidance in a smaller class.

*Please note if you’re in your third trimester and have not attended classes during the earlier stages of your pregnancy, it’s not safe to start now.

Drop in classes  £9 per week – booking advisable.

4 week block £32 – booking essential!

One-to-one Pilates sessions are also available.

To book a class with Claire Gurney or buy a gift voucher please call treat's Reception Team: 01603 514195 or [email protected]