How Autumn Acupuncture Can Set You Up for the Winter

How Autumn Acupuncture Can Set You Up for the Winter

Autumn Wellbeing: Change in Season

There’s finally a nip in the air, the nights are drawing in, and here at Treat we’re finding that we’re already becoming a bit more introspective. Autumn is associated with the Wild Woman phase in our life, a Jungian archetype that symbolises the untamed, experimental and resourceful side of our psyche.

Whereas the summer is all about the external world: traveling and enjoying the outdoors, being with friends - autumn is all about planning for the winter season as you come more inside your body and mind to reflect. Interestingly, now is usually the time of year we naturally tap into our creativity more too.

However, it’s also the time of year when day-to-day health can take a bit of a battering, and for some, your mood may also dip a little. It’s the time of year you might like to place some smart preventative measure in place. Some of these include:

  • A daily dose of: Probiotics, vitamin C, D, B-complex, zinc and rhodiola, which supports the adrenal glands and helps you through busy or stressful periods
  • Try to eat well – reduce sugar and alcohol which depletes your system
  • Try to get a good amount of sleep
  • At the start of autumn, you might also consider some acupuncture.

Preparation for the Winter

Acupuncture can help to boost your immune system, detoxify the body and helps your body ease from the summer months and into the winter. This can help to prevent possible cold or flu-like symptoms and it can also unblock stagnant points in meridians that cause changes in mood during seasonal change.

What happens during a session

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried acupuncture or if you’re not a fan of needles – the ones used in acupuncture are super-fine single-use needles, so tiny that you barely feel it. As the needle is inserted you sometimes feel a very mild dull ache and this is a good thing, it means it's working well but it isn’t painful. After your treatment you’ll feel relaxed and more balanced.

What’s a Multi-Bed?

You might like to try one of Treat’s Multi Bed sessions which, works out to be even more affordable (currently £38 for a 60-75 min session). A multi-bed is where you have an acupuncture treatment in the same room as other people, and the cost per session is cheaper.

This is what a Multi Bed looks like:

It’s a very welcoming space with gentle music, soft lighting and a relaxed atmosphere. Also, many believe that one of the best things about the multi-bed is that you are able to tune into the energy surrounding you – people are treated together and can get a sense of the heightened energy of healing at work in the room.

Book A Session When you Start to Feel Run-Down

An ‘autumn tune up’ acupuncture session can also be great if you’re on the verge of feeling run down. Your acupuncturist will conduct a simple pulse diagnosis, where they listen to your pulse to assess which areas of your body that need supporting. A session can often prevent you from becoming unwell, and if you’re already feeling rundown, it can reduce the impact virus from ripening.

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