Discover How the Treat Team Celebrated

A Special (Colourful) Birthday: Discover How the Treat Team Celebrated

By Rebecca Geanty, Founder of Treat

This summer marks seven years since we opened Treat Norwich and I just wanted to say a very big thank you to all our clients and amazing therapists and acupuncturists who work at the clinic. It's been an incredible journey and - a pandemic and a relocation later - we're thrilled to be still serving our wonderful community here at Treat Norwich.

Despite being impacted (like so many others) by the pandemic, we have been resilient and able to navigate through these tough times as a united front, emerging even stronger and more determined to provide you with the best care possible. I can’t believe how time has flown.

It’s been 15 years since my career change into the world of ancient Chinese medicine. Once upon a time I used working tirelessly in catering. Back then I was overworked and suffered from tension headaches. Towards the end of my tenure, I knew I wanted to do something with more meaning - I needed a career change. I decided to study for almost four years at degree level to become an acupuncturist and I haven’t looked back since – possibly, the best decision of my lifetime. Acupuncture cured my headaches and also gave me the space to reflect on my life. 

I’ve been working as an acupuncturist for over a decade and the clinic has evolved and expanded into a thriving clinic. Here at Treat we have 19 practitioners including four acupuncturists (myself included), four massage therapists, five talking therapists, a physiotherapist, a podiatrist, a craniosacral therapist, 2 reflexologist, a hypnobirthing instructor and a hypnotherapist - and soon, we’ll also have a nutritional therapist joining the team.

How did we celebrate? The Treat Team marked the occasion with a morning workshop on colour therapy, followed by a meal at The Artichoke pub. We had such a great day. Colour is just one of those things that surrounds us. What we can’t express with words, we can always say it with colour. For example, pain might feel red or blue in the body, a happy emotion might feel yellow, and even an unhappy memory might feel grey or brown, for example. All can be expressed through a shade or tone of the rainbow spectrum.

According to the Colour PsychoDynamics® methodology, we each have a personal colour which helps us to understand who we are and how and why we respond to situations in the way that we do, it also helps us to understand others by knowing their colour too. As well as having an individual colour, a group can have its own colour, and so can a team or business, even.

We created such a bond on our birthday by exploring colour and it showed us how to understand our differences and sameness - colour was the bridge to facilitate exactly that. Using a combination of colour psychology and drama we had the opportunity to explore and play in order to find the next steps and how to move Treat forward together. If you’d like to find out more, you can also work out your own colour here at Colour for Life.

During our birthday celebrations we were also thrilled to host out internal Treat Awards again – after a pause during Covid-19. (We ensured that we back-dated the awards and included our therapists from previous years missed.) I just want to say a huge well done and thank you to every one of our fantastic therapists and practitioners, as well as a special congratulations to our award-winners, including our fantastic physiotherapist, Clare Gurney (Therapist of the Year, 2020), our superb massage therapist, George Bavin (Therapist of the Year, 2021) and our talented acupuncturist, Sam Coxeter (Therapist of the Year, 2022). A huge well done all round – you are all just brilliant – we’re very lucky to have you here at Treat.

So what’s next for Treat? Well, for anyone who knows me, I’m sure it will come of little surprise to learn that we are always evolving. Currently we’re looking to expand our range of services to help empower more of our local community and in order to reach a broader clientele. We’re also working on a series of educational workshops with our fabulous life coach, Cathy Eden, who specialises in long-term chronic conditions.

We want to give clients the knowledge about holistic health practices, self-care techniques and healthy lifestyle choices. One of our main focuses moving forward is to also collaborate with conventional medicine practitioners, to help create a more well-rounded approach to patient care, the aim of the collaboration is to enable better outcomes to health and wellbeing. 

A massive thank you to all our clients who have supported us along the way - we could not have done it without you! Thank you also to our dedicated practitioners past and present for all your ongoing work to help support our clients over the last seven years. Here's to many more.

About Treat

Treat is a Norwich-based Health & Wellbeing Clinic. Founder and acupuncturist - Rebecca Geanty started Norwich Acupuncture Rooms in 2011. Offering a cross section of therapies and a community multi-bed clinic. Norwich Acupuncture Rooms expanded into Treat in 2016 and was located at Capitol House in Norwich. In January 2022, Rebecca and her business partner David, renovated the Dyers Arm pub on Lawson Road, NR3. Today Treat therapists offer over 50 different health and wellbeing therapies, beauty and spa services.