Building better relationships takes time and effort, but it's worth it. Whether it's at home, with friends, at work, or in our communities, cultivating positive relationships can significantly impact our well-being and happiness.

How are your close relationships?
Ask yourself: Who's in my life? What kind of relationship do you have with those people? What support do they provide and how often do you spend time together? The answers will help you understand which relationships matter most and help you make decisions about them accordingly.

What do I need now?
Younger people may fill their lives with a great number of less intimate relationships, but those of us who are older may require fewer close friendships in order to be happy. Knowing where you are in life may guide you in how you develop your social network.

Pause and reflect
When difficulties arise, instead of withdrawing from or lashing out at others, try to pause and move from an automatic reaction to a more considered response that aligns with who you are and what you would like the outcome of your response to be.

Be present
Take time to fully focus to the people you're with. This can build closeness and make even short interactions more meaningful.

Tell people how much they matter to you
Sometimes we forget to express gratitude to the people we care about. Think about someone important to you and tell them what they mean to you. What would thank them for if you thought you would never see them again?

If you're looking to improve your social connections and strengthen your relationships, consider working with a life coach who can guide you through the process.

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