Are you a Classic Car or an Old Banger?

Are you a Classic Car or an Old Banger?

Think of Cuba and three other C’s immediately spring to mind, Castro, Cigars  and Classic Cars! It's true, tobacco and politics don’t have a place in a blog about health, but the classic cars have something to tell us.

These cars, little more than heaps of rust in their homeland, still thrive on Cuban streets.  Necessity has helped nurture a nation of innovative and dedicated mechanics who lovingly maintain and cherish these chrome beauties, and, while the rest of the world has moved to newer  models, we are still captivated by their character and grace.

Like cars, at a certain age, our bodies begin to show signs of wear and tear. Bad habits that we previously ‘got away with’ begin to reap penalties, showing up as a range of symptoms, particularly around peri-menopause and menopause. So, before you reach for the medicine cabinet, think about renegotiating the terms of your tenancy agreement with your body. It’s worth remembering, aches and pains are rarely signs of paracetamol deficiency.

Hypnosis can help 

It’s never easy to find the time and space to fine tune your own skills as a mechanic and to apply them maintaining your own beautiful classic, but hypnosis can really help create time and space to apply my hot tips for sparkling bodywork and a well tuned motor.

Use the best Fuel

Good nutrition is essential but there is no magic wand - everyone has unique needs. Our bodies have to work hard to extract nutrients from the food we consume, and the wrong kind of diet can mean all the work is for nothing. Eating processed, refined or sugary foods tends to cause insulin spikes and low blood sugar crashes. In turn, these trigger the release of stress hormones that demand an emergency “quick fix” solution - and that’s not going to be a nice salad!

Eating whole grains and “foods that don’t need a label” are a better option to maintain a steady blood sugar profile and a healthier gut.  A simple guide is to make sure every meal and snack contains protein and fibre.

Nutritionist Dr Libby Weaver’s book “Rushing Woman’s Syndrome” is a fantastic guide to the impact of stress and diet on our bodies.

Hypnotherapy can be a huge help in establishing new, healthier patterns while an experienced nutritionist can help find the right diet to suit your needs.

Make Frequent Pit Stops

Operating in top gear for long spells means our bodies don't get the maintenance they need to run efficiently. Finding gaps in the day to slow down, even for a minute or two is every bit as essential as an oil change and service for our classic cars. A break gives our bodies  time to switch into rest and repair mode, getting on with its own to-do list while you take time out from yours.

Take It Out For A Spin

Leave a car sitting on the driveway or in a garage for too long and it starts to seize up. Our bodies are designed to use. Our modern sedentary lifestyle is bad for our bodies. Posture, digestion, heart, lungs and backs all need movement to keep them in the best possible condition

Regular walking is a great start.  Adding Yoga (particularly restorative yoga), Qigong, Pilates or Tai Chi will tone and strengthen the body and help release endorphins (the antidote to stress). These sooth and relax, helping manage fluctuating hormones that characterise menopause and are less likely to trigger a hot flush than more strenuous forms of exercise.

Take time to find a class or teacher that is right for you and learn to enjoy being in your body again.

Show It Off!

If you haven’t already learned to appreciate your own distinctive beauty and character now is the time to do it. You have learned lessons, uncovered gifts and honed skills and have unique wisdom to impart and to rely on.

Don’t blend in with the crowd, be guided by your own passions and drives. Now is the time to edit your life, get rid of fears and limiting beliefs that may have held you back in the past and find out what you are truly capable of.

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