A winter wellness check-in from our life coach Cathy

A winter wellness check-in from our life coach Cathy

How are you? How are you, really?

Spring is coming. Can you feel it? So many of us welcome the return of the light and the signs of spring that are showing up but we’ve still got a little way to go before the days are longer and the warmth of summer returns.

For some, this slow down is a welcome respite, while for others, winter can really feel like a struggle. Have you been feeling the need to burrow down over the past few months? Felt yourself slowing down and finding things more difficult? If so, how can you take care of yourself through these last few weeks of winter?

Here are four questions to reflect on:

What's the weather like inside?

In winter, we often focus our attention on what’s happening outside. While the external world may be colder and darker, how are you feeling on the inside?

Do you feel shut down or low in energy? Do you feeling uplifted and hopeful? Without judging or trying to change what you’re thinking and feeling, see if you can just notice what’s there. Then, you can take what you notice and let those insights guide you towards what you need to do more – or less – of this month.

How am I balancing work and play?

Winter often calls us to live life at a gentler pace. Are you managing to strike a balance between rest and activity? Are you honouring your body's call for rest while still weaving moments of vitality into your days?

If not, what steps could you take to feel more of that balance?

How am I nurturing inner warmth and comfort?

During these shorter, colder days, we can look for ways to nurture a sense of warmth within. What routines and habits could you do more of to help you create a sense of cosiness, safety, and stability within yourself?

Could you watch a heart-warming favourite film, cook a nourishing, comforting meal, or make a call to a valued friend? If winter is feeling like a struggle, are you making time to take care of yourself?

Am I staying connected with others?

The cold and isolation of winter can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness. Think about your connections with family, friends and your community. What could you do to nurture these connections, despite any physical or environmental barriers?

It's important to remember that we’re just passing through this season, like all the others. Although winter can feel like a struggle for some of us, by checking in with ourselves and asking these questions, we can better manage the challenges and embrace the opportunities that winter presents.

Nurturing yourself during these colder months is not just about surviving the season but thriving within it.

If you need some support to help you navigate your way through the winter months and set a strong foundation for the seasons to come, book an appointment with Cathy today.