Men's Eyebrow Grooming Treatments In Norwich

Men's Eyebrow Grooming Treatments

Eyebrow Waxing

A semi-permanent method of hair removal, removing hairs from the follicle which can last 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the individual’s hair re-growth rate. Due to stages in hair regrowth new hairs under the surface of the skin can start to appear in only a week. This can easily be prevented with regular waxing treatments.

Sienna X Wax range helps to soothe and protect your skin, reduce inflammation and regenerate the skin barrier. Natural plant extracts, Rosin-free formula designed for sensitive skin, 100% Cruelty free, vegan friendly and paraben free.

Shaping and Tidying of Eyebrows helps to frame your face, control thick bushy long eyebrows creating a more natural finish. Plucking hairs out one-by-one with tweezers from the root to enhance your natural arch shape and taming that mono-brow. Lasts 4 to 6 weeks depending on your hair growth.

Eyebrow Wax, Shape & Tidy Treatment

Brow mapping, removal of excess brow hair using Sienna X Wax. Trimming the length of the brow hair, plucking eyebrow hairs one-by-one with tweezers from the root to enhance your natural arch shape. 

35 mins - £25


Eyebrow Tinting

Involves careful dying of the eyebrows with a natural semi-permanent colour to give them a visibly darker appearance. Tinting gives depth of colour, covering grey or light blonde hair and can give definition to your face. Lasts 4 to 6 weeks depending on how much you wash your face or if you do activities like swimming or use saunas and steam rooms regularly.

Refectocil Sensitive and Kalentin is especially for clients with sensitive eyes with no burning or irritation. It is the first eyebrow and eyelash tint that works based on plant extracts. Dermatologically and opthalmologically tested. Cruelty free, paraben free, ammonia free and vegan friendly. 

Eyebrow Tinting Treatments

Cleansing of eyebrows. Brow mapping, shaping and tidying of eyebrows. Application & removal of tint. 

Eyebrow Tint – 20 mins £15
Eyebrow Tint, Shape & Tidy – 35 mins £25
Eyebrow Wax, Eyebrow Tint, Shape & Tidy - 50 mins £40

A skin patch test is required for Waxing and Eyebrow Tinting at least 48 - 72 hrs prior to your treatment. (Even if you have had waxing before with another Therapist. Patch tests are then required every 6 months ) 

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