Health Kinesiology


"a combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern science"

What can it treat?

Health Kinesiology is a non-invasive and relaxing therapy which restores energy flow within the body. Health Kinesiology has helped  with a variety of mental or physical issues ranging from sleep problems, stress and anxiety, depression, fears and phobias and headaches and migraines to IBS, Crohn's disease,  post operative recovery, phantom sensations and changing habits.

How does it work?

We have meridians in our body which are pathways of energy and sometimes these pathways get blockages caused by trauma, stress, geopathic stress, environmental factors, electromagnetic fields and so on. A problem (mental or physical) will become evident when we get enough of these blocks because the energy cannot flow correctly throughout the body. In Health Kinesiology we use muscle testing to gain information from your subconscious to find out how to clear the blockages.  

Health Kinesiology enables us to work at a very deep level to discover the origin of the problem as we work at cellular level, blood level, tissue level and more. We use many procedures involving magnets, crystals, thoughts, colour, touch, essences, patterns, and even smell to return the energy flow.

This therapy is completely tailored to your body’s needs to enable to the body to heal itself in the smoothest way possible and at the body’s own pace.

If you are not sure if Health Kinesiology can benefit you please contact me and I will be able to advise.

What is muscle testing?

You will be fully clothed and lying down on your back with one elbow resting on the couch and your arm at a 90° angle. I will ask yes/no questions, apply slight pressure on the arm and monitor the response. If the arm goes down this signifies ‘no’ and if the arm stays up this signifies ‘yes’.

Please note that if you have any pain/injury and you would find this muscle testing procedure uncomfortable we will use a different position to muscle test.


1 hour    £45

90 mins  £65

To book call Treat Reception 01603 514195

or email: [email protected]

Monique is available

Monday – Sunday 9am – 9pm 

Monique Thapar, BA (double honours) KF Assoc

My journey to Health Kinesiology started when I was at university and all of a sudden I started getting this terrible abdominal pain. The pain was so bad that I could not move, I had an increased heart rate and I was short of breath.

I went to my GP who said it seemed like I had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) but I needed a blood test and an ultrasound scan to rule out anything else. My GP advised me that IBS can be caused by stress and diet, that sometimes it happened to due lack of fibre in a diet or sometimes due to too much fibre in a diet. Luckily my blood test and scan came back clear so I tried a low fibre and a high fibre diet but sadly to no avail.

I happened to meet an Australian lady and what she said changed my life forever. She told me that she had suffered like I had and nothing the doctors had advised had worked for her and she had found a Kinesiologist who had helped her.

Although I didn’t know anything about Kinesiology I went with an open mind and felt such tremendous improvement after only one session. Without Kinesiology I would not have been able to graduate from university.

After I graduated I wanted to spread the word about this incredible therapy, the wonders it can do and I also wanted to help people the same way it helped me. I studied Health Kinesiology and Touch for Health Kinesiology with Health Kinesiology UK in London and qualified last year.  Now, here I am, as a passionate Health Kinesiologist ready to help you transform your life!

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