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New Baby - New Business - A well fit mumma's tale!24/06/2018
Treat's Rosie Taylor writes about the challenges and the delights combining a new baby and starting a business, "well fit momma", her partner's brilliant name - for the business not the baby and the inspiration working with new mums gave her.
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What's new at Treat?09/06/2018
Treat's Claire Gurney brings a range of specialist massage therapies to Treat including treatment of Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD) - a common cause of a range of symptoms including facial pain, headache, dizzyness and difficulty in chewing.
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The Latent Phase of Labour05/05/2018
This is the first of a short series of blogs from Treat’s Midwife in Residence, Molly O’Brien, with advice, useful tips and a handy guide of what first time mums in particular will experience and how they can best help themselves remain calm, comfortable and in control through their labour.
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Massage - Fun Healthy and Legal17/03/2018
Treat's George Bavin writes about massage, it's physical, physiological and psychological benefits. why sports massage isn't just for athletes and how massage disproves the old adage "the old saying "everything that's fun is either illegal, immoral or fattening".
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Acupuncture? Needlephobics have nothing to fear01/03/2018
Tim Bastable, blog about needles - how much he really, really doesn't like them and how his dislike of needles finally persuaded him to try acupuncture
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Moving for an Easier Birth for Midwives, Doulas and other Birth Professionals08/02/2018
A course for Midwives and other birth professional teaching simple movements and positions to help resolve malposition and discomfort in Labour using tried and tested techniques.
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Valentine's Special18/01/2018
Want a Valentine with a difference? Whatever the plans for the day or night ahead, relaxing together with a couples massage will boost mood, chase away any aches, pains or tension and set the tone for a romantic loving day and night
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Do you use Vegan friendly products and cosmetics ?18/01/2018
Treat's Vicki Taylor writes about vegan friendly cosmetics and make-up, the difficulties of finding a comprehensive range of vegan friendly products and her efforts to ensure as much of her range as possible is vegan friendly and anything that isn't is at the very least animal friendly
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Stretch If you are sitting15/11/2017
Sitting for long periods is a "modern disease", and one that can be surprisingly bad for your health. Treat Osteopath Dale Gallant says "ideally we should move every 10 minutes" and offers three very simple mobility exercises for the upper body that can be performed at your desk.
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treat-norwich the perfect place for pregnancy, mother and baby02/11/2017
Treat has a team of practitioners with specialist skills for mum's to be, new mums and babies. Services range from Hypnobirthing, Yoga and Pilates, Antenatal birth preparation and postnatal courses to acupuncture and reflexology for pregnancy.
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