Kinesiology and childhood problems

Kinesiology and problems from childhood

Monique Tharper, Health Kinesiologist writes about treating her own lifelong problems with pronation using Kinesiology

I’ve had people coming to me with preconceived ideas that physical ailments from childhood cannot be made better…I disagree and I tell them so (in a nice way of course).

I have suffered with overpronation flat feet with fallen arches since birth, the lack of arch support, mean the feet feet roll inwards when walking, standing and, in my case, sitting.

My foot rolling in wasn’t a huge problem for me growing up, other than shooting pains up my shins if I did a lot of walking or walked fast. To help with this I had bespoke orthotics throughout my childhood to give me the support my feet couldn’t provide.

Sadly, as a teenager I became very self conscious about the look of my feet, they used to get me down and, of course, at that time I wanted to wear shoes that were in fashion . No way they could accommodate my orthotics.

Although orthotics helped me walk more normally they couldn’t reverse the problem. As I got older I started worrying about the damaging effects my condition would have on my body. When feet roll it creates a knock on effect, misaligned ankles affect knees, throwing out the hips and which can eventually affect the back.

My worries began when I started to become aware of a problem with my right knee. It would feel like it was rubbing inside my joint and every now and again I would have to click my knee to stop the sensation. I struggled with the orthotics because lots of shoes these days are not made with lifts in mind and I couldn’t find any for them to fit in other than trainers, and even that was a mission.

Health kinesiology to the rescue!

I did a session on myself with the aim of being able to eat tomato without reacting and through muscle testing my body said that as I work on food I would also be working on my feet. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but as soon as I got up after the session the weirdest thing happened…

I started walking normally! It was the strangest sensation I have ever felt in my life! I was walking without my feet rolling in! The doctors previously told me to consciously walk more on the outside of my feet and after the session I was doing just that without even thinking and without forcing it. I kept saying ‘this is weird’ over and over with every step I took. To further test it I tried deliberately walking on the inside of my feet and what was so natural to me before no longer felt normal. Walking properly has now become my normal all thanks to health kinesiology and I am so grateful.

A condition I’ve had since birth was sorted in one session, so yes, ailments from birth and childhood can get better.