A tale with a happy ending

Paws for thought

I thought I would share the amazing outcomes of health kinesiology on my dog Lola.

She suffered badly from separation anxiety. She would pace and become so anxious she had a high heart rate, rapid breathing and excessive panting when left alone and would also cry with an incessant howl and bark. I couldn't even go into a different room without these symptoms.

I started doing some training with her but it was taking too long and, although I may have got the desired outcome through training alone, I could not afford to wait as the neighbours were complaining and I had to go to work. So I thought health kinesiology would help speed the process up and it did… Dramatically!

No Bones about it - Lola is one relaxed doodle now

In the first session I asked for an estimate of when Lola would experience significant good change and her body said after the 2nd session. At the end of the second session I specifically asked when she would experience good change, to which the body said in two days’ time. I monitored her the next day and no noticeable improvement, I then continued to monitor her the second day and the difference was remarkable! I could not believe it!

It's wonderful when you do work on clients and they tell you about their improvements but it was even better for me to have seen the before and after so closely of how bad Lola was all day every day and then seeing the after effect, it was just fantastic as I could see the difference first hand.

Now she is a calm and joyful dog with no more separation anxiety. Happy days for Lola, me and the neighbours!

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