Back Pain & Tension


Back Pain & Tension 

Back pain is a common problem often triggered by everyday activities, at work, in the home or during exercise. Bending, heavy lifting, twisting, bad posture or long periods of sitting can all lead to real discomfort. Even stress can pay a part in back pain .

Longer term, chronic back pain is caused by more complex issues such as a slipped disc, muscular-skeletal problems, sciatica or whiplash. Condition such as these can greatly benefit from certain complementary therapies. Pilates helps build core body strength and can improve posture. Deep tissue massage can help muscle pain, while acupuncture and physiotherapy address deeper seated issues.

Check out our range of therapies below which may give great relief to back pain and act as a preventative measure for the future.

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Gary Collins

Gary qualified as a Pharmacist in 1984 and worked for large and small companies and eventually purchased my own. Due to interest in Martial Arts, I studied karate for a number of years after obtaining a black belt. I taught on many occasions from 1986.

I undertook an Acupuncture training in 1996. During this time I discovered Qi Gong & Tai Chi which I find gives people a way to support their own systems. I have been practising Qi Gong for the last 20 years and I am now undergoing my teacher training within the 5 Element System. Whilst studying acupuncture I also discovered Craniosacral Therapy and went on to qualify as a therapist in 2000.
I have deepened into the practice with many advanced courses over the years (Shock & Trauma, Prenatal Development Pregnancy; particularly in embryonic and cardiovascular work, Neuroendocrine & Immune System & Stress Response). This work allows a deepening mindful connection with our own inherent health to enable us to become more resourceful self-regulating and resilient.

Gary Offers: Duration Price
Craniosacral Therapy 60 mins £40

To book a consultation with Gary, call: 10603 514195

Dale Gallant B.Ost. MGOsC. Lic AC.

Dale has been working as a qualified sports therapist for the past ten years treating a wide variety of sport and posture-related problems. Along with this Dale has also been working as a personal trainer in several gyms and studios around Norwich helping people whether it be training for marathons or returning to sport following injuries.

He studied a degree inosteopathy at the College of Osteopaths.

When not working here at TREAT, Dale runs his own training and therapy studio just outside Norwich. He is a keen Crossfit enthusiast and weight lifter but enjoys all areas of fitness.

His experiences when training for competitions has given him a thorough understanding of the demands placed on the body, the injuries that can occur and the ways to prevent them.

As well as his degree in Osteopathy, Dale is qualified to offer acupuncture. Dale enjoys treating people with all manner of problems and has specific interests in treating patients with lower back and sacroiliac pain.


Initial consultation  60 mins £45.00
Follow up consultation 30 mins £31.00
George Bavin BA (Hons), CPE, LPC, ITEC

George Bavin BA (Hons), CPE, LPC, ITEC (Sports Massage Association registered)

Following a legal career, George instigated some fundamental changes in his life and began to work in the Health and Social Care sector with people who had suffered a traumatic spinal injury. He also worked alongside clients struggling with progressive degenerative conditions and with others at the very end of their lives.

During this time George became aware of massage as a form of therapy. He was impressed with its healing value and in particular, the positive impact it has on physical health and mental well-being.

He also found that people responded well to him as a Carer, his calm and personable demeanour relaxed and comforted his clients.

In June 2015, George went on to obtain the ITEC Level 4 Sports Massage qualification. Since then he has been steadily building a reputation for consistently delivering high quality massage focused on meeting the needs of his clients. He enjoys event work, particularly if the weather is good, and embraces opportunities for professional development.

George works to maintain a high level of physical fitness and is committed to the study of Tai Chi.

This Chinese martial art focuses on self-awareness through movement, like a form of active meditation. Awareness of his body’s positioning has helped George improve his posture and resolve his own back pain, thus promoting his longevity as a Massage Therapist.

For George, Massage Therapy is key to achieving his ambition: to facilitate anybody, athlete or otherwise, achieve their optimum. He can help you to prevent injuries and promote recovery: to enhance your performance, promote your self- confidence, and provide you with some guilt free head space in which to unwind.

Find out more on George's website

Prices For sports and deep tissue massage

30 minutes  £25
45mins -     £30
60 mins -    £40
90 mins -    £60

To book call Treat Reception  01603 514195