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It is sometimes difficult to know which therapy may suit your condition. This page is here to guide you.

Each condition is linked to suitable therapies which we have gathered based upon our collective knowledge and experience.

It is important that you seek advice from your GP especially if your condition is diagnosed. We may be able to help you more efficiently too if you have a medical diagnosis.

If you are still unsure what kind of support you need please don't hesitate to call us. We will arrange for a qualified practitioner to call you back to discuss your signs and symptoms in more detail.  You can call the reception team any time between 9am-1pm Mon-Sat and 1:30pm-7pm Wed and Thur on  01603 514195

Back Pain & Tension
Back pain can be caused by anything from poor posture to too long at a desk through to trauma from a sport injury or heavy work. Chronic back pain is one of the most commonly reported medical problems in the country - at treat we have therapies to help alleviate symptoms and techniques to help remove the cause of the issues
Health Testing
From allergy testing to digestive health and hormone balance, these functional can be a helpful tool in designing the best nutritional programme for you.
Improve Digestion
Distressing conditions like IBS, bloating or abdominal discomfort can be helped by nutritional therapy.
Relaxation & De-stress
Therapies like massage, pilates, acupuncture and hypnotherapy can manage stress and help reduce risks of health issues, including depression, heart disease, muscular and joint pain.
Fertility, Pregnancy and Motherhood
Treat has specialist practitioners offering everything from fertility support, support through pregnancy including massage, aromatherapy, pregnancy yoga and pilates to Midwife led birth preparation, hypnobirthing and parenthood classes
Moving For An Easier Birth
Molly has created the "Moving for an Easier Birth" class to pass on the "tricks of the trade" she uses to help women have a shorter, less stressful labour. These are gentle safe movements and techniques to help ease your baby into the best position for birth