Fertile Body Method in Norwich

Fertile Body Method

The Fertile Body Method may help increase fertility and helps to address the negative effects of infertility. It can help prepare mind and body for pregnancy and motherhood, find ways to support natural conception or to prepare for and navigate fertility treatment.

It is an evidence-based approach to fertility which utilises the connection between mind and body, through hypnosis and other mind/body techniques, to facilitate inner change. Our bodies are affected by our thoughts and our thoughts are affected by our bodies, turn off the lights after watching a scary movie to know this is true.

The treatment begins by exploring the best possible set of outcomes for you and forming a personalised plan that aims to:

  • restore physical and emotional balance
  • identify and resolve issues which may be inhibiting you
  • helps to enhance fertility or the effectiveness of treatment through visualisation and mental rehearsal
  • support you in maintaining the positive changes you have made.

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