Pregnancy Yoga in Norwich

These classes focus on maintaining fitness and stamina as well as developing stability around the changing pelvic and lower back area, which will help prevent aches and pains as you move through your pregnancy. You will work on finding space and freedom through the often tight upper back, chest and shoulders and learn yoga techniques to help connect with your baby and relax.

You will learn visualisations, mantras and mudras to help guide you through each stage of your pregnancy and birth. The class finishes with a deep relaxation drawing on elements of hypnobirthing.

Focus of the Class

Building strength, connecting with inner strength and physical strength
Creating space for you and for baby
Love, connecting with baby and finding time to care for self
Surrender, letting go of anxieties.

Join for a 6-week block for £50, or to join after start date: £10 per class.


Class Times: Tuesdays 5.45-7pm

Please Call Reception on 01603 514195