Ask the Midwife

20 minute consultation with an experienced  practising midwife.

Sometimes you just need to talk to a midwife.You might like a general chat about things that bother you or you’re unsure of information or advice you’ve been given. Perhaps there’s a burning issue you need to explore and find out more. There may be issues around your pregnancy, like Induction of labour, Group B Strep or maybe someone has suggested your baby is big and you feel concerned.

Sometimes, it may be difficult for your own midwife to find the time to go through these kind of concerns thoroughly, answer all your questions and help you understand the issue so you can make a truly informed choice. Remember, you do have choices. Nobody can do anything to you without your consent. Don’t sit at home and worry, come and spend 20 minutes, or more if you choose, with a midwife who will listen and give you the best and most up to date information available.

In order to make the most of your appointment it would be helpful, although not essential, to let the midwife know of specific concerns you’d like to discuss. If the midwife is unable to answer your concerns adequately during the appointment then she will find the relevant information and get back to you.

These sessions are solely information giving and not clinical. This means the midwife will not be doing things like taking blood pressure or listening to the baby’s heart.

If you feel you need more than 20 minutes, please book a double session.