The Good Enough Parent

The good enough parent

The pressures on parents today are enormous. We are bombarded with images of the seemingly perfect parent and the perfect family via a mountain of books, in endless stories and images in print and social media. These stories and images rarely reflect the reality of parenthood.

Becoming a parent is a joy and delight for many but, for some of us, not so joyful and not so delightful. It can be tough and exhausting at the best of times. If there a life event like a bereavement, you are suffering postnatal depression, relationship tensions or a baby who rarely sleeps the pressure can be overwhelming. Any one of these issues saps energy and confidence, allowing self-doubt to creep in. We can start comparing ourselves to others and doubting our capabilities - and if we are convinced that everyone else is managing just fine, we can soon feel alone with these big feelings.

The reality is a little different There is no such thing as the perfect parent or the perfect childhood. Evidence in the fields of neuroscience and child development tell us we just have to be good enough parents around 30% of the time. If, for around that 30% of the time we meet the needs of our babies, infants, toddlers and children, they – and we - will be ok.

This course is aimed at parents who are experiencing those tough times and are feeling they are they’re just not good enough. It runs over 6 weeks and explores how our babies’, infants’ and toddlers’ brains develop in relationship with us,  looking at a range of strategies and activities that can bring some joy and delight into our relationship with our little ones.

Topics include:

  • what is good enough? It’s normal not to be perfect
  • what’s going on inside our babies’ brains and bodies
  • how that impacts on us and how we impact on them
  • what helps and hinders when things get tough
  • what we can do and how we can do it

Monday afternoons (1pm to 2.30pm) over six weeks.

Maximum of 12 places per group and with a mixture of learning and activities,

Cost: £75 per person for the six week course.

Dates coming soon

Christine Davies - BA Hons, PGCE; Post-graduate Diploma: Emotional Literacy for Children

Chris spent five years travelling and working in Europe in the 1970s before she and her husband settled in Norfolk where they had their two children. Once they started school, Chris returned to education and gained her degree and PGCE at the University of East Anglia. She has more than 25 years’ experience working as a teacher, senior leader and schools’ adviser. She has extensive experience as a trainer, leading courses to develop the knowledge and understanding of school staff in the areas of child development, attachment and trauma-informed approaches. In more recent years and after further study, Chris has worked with teams supporting children and families and she has run courses to support foster and adoptive parents and their families.

Chris is fascinated and inspired by the ever-deepening knowledge and understanding of the brain and body that neuroscience gives us and how that is now being woven into the understanding and practice of clinicians and professionals in health, education and social care. She is now a freelance consultant and trainer and has recently developed a 6-week course to run at Treat: