Pilates for Back Pain Treatment In Norwich

This class is not running at the moment - if you are interested in taking part in this specialised pilates class please call Treat Reception to register interest

If you’ve ever suffered from back pain you’re not alone, it affects almost 80% of us at some point in our lives!

Our jobs and lifestyles cause us to sit, stand and move in un-natural postures, leading to tension, stiffness, muscular imbalance and pain!

Learn exercises and self-care tips to strengthen your back, restore balance within your body and relieve pain, with our

Your place includes an exercise and self-care guide, to build on your progress during and after the course.

The course is led by Claire Gurney, a specialist Pilates instructor in back pain and orthopaedic conditions.

Cost is £50 for 6 weeks or £12 per week.

Please call 01603 514195 to inquire.

Claire Gurney BSc (Hons) MSc (physio) MSc MCSP REPs registered

Claire has over 9 years experience working in the health and fitness industry. Since training in Pilates Matwork in 2014 she has increased her number of classes, teaching in many locations across Norfolk from Mattishall to Acle. In addition to this Claire has established her pilates practice; teaching sessions to individuals, small groups and local businesses in Norwich. She has recently qualified as a Physiotherapist and works with Rosie Taylor's "wellfitmumma" team.

She will be available for Mon & Wed musculoskeletal Physiotherapy clinics. She can treat musculoskeletal issues such as back , upper limb , lower limb injuries , sports injuries , work related injuries and offers general physiotherapy. She can also see pregnant clients for remedial pregnancy massage & 1-1 rehab Pilates.

In her other areas of work Claire instructs exercise classes for cardiac rehabilitation and GP exercise referral. She is trained to level 4 in instructing exercise for rehabilitation and is a qualified massage therapist. Claire’s work in pilates, fitness and sports massage has given her a wealth of experience instructing exercise for health, wellbeing and recovery. She has worked in many locations including London, York and Melbourne in Australia and returned to Norwich on a permanent basis in 2014.

From her work, training and own experience Claire understands that it is often the quality, not the quantity of person’s movement that determines their health, fitness and sporting success. Claire was drawn to pilates as its principles of alignment, concentration and control place the emphasis on standing, moving and exercising with correct technique.

Claire specialises in working with older adults, clients with back, shoulder or neck pain, those with arthritis and knee or hip replacements. Claire believes almost everyone can benefit from pilates and she adapts her classes and sessions to her clients taking part, often using small equipment or supports to improve technique and make the exercises more effective.

She has recently completed a course in massage to treat Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJD) postgraduate certificate in TMJ therapy, from the Blend therapy training 

Claire Offers:  Duration  Price
 One to one pilates/small group  60 mins  £35 singe session £180 for 6 sessions
 One to one pilates/small group  30 mins  £17-50
 Pilates Classes  45-60 mins £32 for 4x weeks/£50 for 6x weeks

When pilates classes are not fully booked, drop ins can be made at £9 per week, please check availability.

To book a pilates session, please call 01603 514195 

to find out more about Claire's work visit her website