Baby Reflexology Classes at Treat-Norwich

Baby and Toddler Reflexology classes

A 5 week course of classes teaching simple reflexology techniques that can help calm baby, sooth nervous tension and aid digestion. The course also teaches a method for finding a way back to your own calm centre helping you to relax with your baby.

Mums whose babies have had baby reflexology have reported that their babies have been more relaxed while sleep and digestion has improved.

Benefits of baby reflexology

  • Can be done anywhere
  • No need to undress
  • Can help: sleep, digestion, relaxation and wellbeing
  • Mums say their babies love it

When and Where

Thursday 9:45 - 10:45 am at Treat Norwich

Next Class from 8th feb-8th March

Introductory price £65

Jane also offers private baby reflexology treatments £30 for 30 minutes

To Book:

Call Jane: 07712 661020

or Treat Reception: 01603 514195

Jane Sheehan MAR. MARR. MRSS

Jane has been working in the field of complementary therapy for 27 years following a natural progression through bodywork and energy based practices including aromatherapy and reflexology, reiki to, shiatsu and qigong, these including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Jane's registered nurse training helped as she already had a good understanding of the Western science that is so important when working with TCM in a Western society. She is now teaching 3 thriving classes in Tai chi Qigong in Norwich which provides a great way for people to continue to experience improvements in their wellbeing and support the improvements they are experiencing.

Jane uses her skills as a hypnotherapist to focus on using hypnotherapy based techniques combined with reflexology to support women experiencing issues with fertility and during pregnancy to help relieve symptoms and promote wellbeing.

Jane has worked in a palliative care unit, combining her nursing experience with her love of complementary therapy treatments. She developed this service to provide the much needed treatments for fragile patients, and relatives needing a small oasis of relaxation, and emotional support.

She now offers Shiatsu, reflexology and the M Technique (which is a relaxation treatment which has been described as physical hypnotherapy and encourages a very deep state of relaxation, ideal for anyone needing some stress relief) and she has a calm, empathetic nature and is someone you can really relax around.

Jane has extensive experience in working with women’s health issues. She is described as someone who radiates a sense of calm and relaxation and creates a relaxing non judgemental environment. She has worked with a variety of therapies which enables her to offer an individualised approach to treatment drawing on her various skills.  

She trained and qualified with the Shiatsu College in Norwich and graduated in 2009. She assists at the Shiatsu college and maintains her professional development  there. Her special interest is using Shiatsu to support women's health through all the stages of life including children, teenagers, fertility, pregnancy and menopause. She is also a qualified Tai chi Qigong teacher and may offer exercises to use in between treatments.

You can find out more about Jane on her website:

Jane OffersDurationPrice
Fertility Reflexology90 mins£60
Reflexology60 mins£45
Shiatsu60 mins£45
M Technique60/45/30 mins£45/£40/£30

To book an appointment with Jane, please call: 01603 514195