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Clinics, Classes & Workshops

Due to Covid-19 restrictions in lockdown 2.0, we are currently not able to provide these services.We do have some practitioners providing online courses please contact reception for more detail.

Click on our calendar to see our regular pilates, yoga, pregnancy classes, multi-bed acupuncture clinics, hypnobirthing courses, pregnancy classes with Molly the midwife and more...

Renting a Room

Our Therapy Workshop/Studio Room welcomes a community feel to treat. Our space may be let for pilates, yoga, workshops, a meeting room, therapy trainings and other events. There is a separate area next door which has six therapy couches already set up that may be rented at the same time as this workshop space.

To find out about renting this space or to book on our courses or workshops please call our reception team on: 01603 514195


Pilates for Back Pain Treatment In Norwich
This class is not running at the moment - if you are interested in taking part in this specialised pilates class please call Treat Reception to register interestIf you’ve ever suffered from back pain you’re not alone, it affects almost 80% of us at some point in our lives! Our jobs and lifestyles cause us to sit, stand and move in un-natural postures, leading to tension, stiffness, muscu...
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Pilates Classes In Norwich, Norfolk
Pilates improves core body strength and restores its natural alignment. This helps common health issues like back pain and arthritis. Pilates can be tailored to all levels of ability, fitness and experience.
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Physiyoga is a new class from physiotherapist and yoga teacher Rosie Taylor - she combines traditional yoga with physiotherapy techniques such as myofascial release -ideal for anyone getting back to some form of exercise, sports people and athletes.
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The Good Enough Parent
Being a parent to a newborn isn't always easy. Pressures, from a difficult birth or a baby that never sleeps to tensions a newborn sometimes bring to relationships can sap self belief and affect our relationship with with our child. The "good enough parent" is a six week course that helps parents understand the neuroscience of relationships, recognise "it's not just you" and offers strat...
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