Physio Pregnancy Yoga in Norwich

Physio Pregnancy Yoga

Online classes are only available at this time due to Covid-19, contact Rosie Taylor to book.

Pregnancy Yoga Classes at treat-norwich from Well Fit Mumma's experienced team of Chartered Physiotherapists. Classes are small, (max 12 participants) to give the extra attention changing bodies need need through pregnancy.

The classes focus on maintaining fitness and stamina as well as developing stability around the changing pelvic and lower back area, which will help prevent aches and pains as you move through your pregnancy. You will work on finding space and freedom through the often tight upper back, chest and shoulders and learn yoga techniques to help connect with your baby and relax.

Pregnancy yoga classes help maintain core strength, pelvic health and allows deep physical and mental relaxation. The classes also teach elements of Pilates and functional fitness to help keep you strong for labour and prepare for mummy life.

Our classes add lots of physio tips on how to move for an easier birth, breathing for relaxation and birthing , nutrition, recovery and maintaining a pain free body during pregnancy.

You will learn visualisations, mantras and mudras to help guide you through each stage of your pregnancy and birth. The class finishes with a deep relaxation drawing on elements of hypnobirthing.

Each week there will be a different focus on for the class. Topics include: Active Birthing, Letting go of anxieties, Pelvic Health, Lower Back, Building Strength, Connection with baby.

Classes include membership to Well Fit Mumma's private facebook group which includes pregnancy yoga videos and physiotherapy tips for birthing and postnatal recovery. They also include a £10 discount off a Mummy MOT and/or physiotherapy/remedial pregnancy massage .

Classes are £58 for a 6 week block

Drop-in places are £12 per class depending on availability.

Classes are available after the 12-14 week scan. Participants are asked to complete a pre-screening form before taking part in the classes.

Introducing Beth Cullen

Beth is a fully qualified Physiotherapist, yoga and fitness instructor with a BSc (hons) , MSc Physiotherapy, and is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists. She qualified as in 2013 and has worked in the NHS, NHS provider companies, government and private practice. Beth also has over 13 years experience teaching fitness, is a qualified personal trainer, a fitness guru and recently trained in pregnancy and postnatal yoga with the wonderful Sally Parkes Yoga.

Beth is part of the wellfitmumma team working as as a rehab physiotherapist, pregnancy yoga teacher and mum and baby yoga teacher. 

To book for a class or buy a gift voucher please call treat's Reception Team: 01603 514195 or [email protected]

Rosie Taylor BSc (Hons) MSc. MCSP. AACP

Rosie graduated with an MSc in physiotherapy in 2008 from the University of East Anglia . Since graduating she has worked in the NHS, private practice and charity sectors specialising in musculoskeletal physiotherapy. More recently Rosie has specialised further into women's health treating women at all stages of life. She treats ladies in pregnancy, recovering from birth or experiencing pelvic issues later in life. 

She specialises in treating back, pelvic pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, bladder incontinence, bladder frequency, urgency and pain with sex. Rosie is also an experienced pilates, yoga and hypopressives instructor, all of which can help with pelvic floor,  core and help with women's health issues. 

She also teaches pregnancy and postnatal yoga online and in person. Rosie is passionate about empowering and educating women in how to care and help themselves at all stages of life , the work that Rosie does can involve soft tissue release, pelvic floor examination, acupuncture, manual therapy , kinesio taping and exercise rehab. She also has a popular online hypopressives coaching program , great for "lifting" prolapse and reactivating the pelvic floor and core.

Therapies Duration Price
Mummy MOT  60 minutes £95
Mummy MOT & 3x Follow Ups

60 minutes 

+ 3x 30 minutes

Women's Health Initial Assessment 60 minutes  £85
Women's Health Follow Up 30 minutes £45
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy assessment  60 minutes £65
Musculoskeletal Follow up 30 minutes £35
Musculoskeletal Assessment & 3x Follow Ups 

60 minutes 

+ 3x 30 minutes

Pregnancy Physio - Massage 30 minutes  £30
Pregnancy Physio - Massage 60 minutes £55

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