Moving For An Easier Birth

Moving for an Easier Birth

Techniques to help manage discomfort during pregnancy and to ease your baby into the optimum position for birth before and during labour.

Today, interventions in labour have reached an all time high. To give an idea of the scale of the problem - the World Health Organisation suggest cesarean births should be no more than 14 or 15%, yet, in the UK, we are commonly witnessing rates of more than 30%. Other interventions such as oxytocic augmentation (hormone drip)’, increased use of pain relief such as epidurals, and instrumental births occur far more frequently.

In 20 years of midwifery practice I have learned and used a number of techniques that help women have a quicker, more comfortable and more effective labour, reducing the risk of intervention. I can’t guarantee these will work in every case, but in my work I often see startling results.

This class will give you enough information to use many of these “tricks of the trade” you can use by yourself or with the help of your partner.

How does it work?

Malposition, any position that causes labour to be more painful and prolonged, for example “back to back”, is one of the most common reasons for labour “failing to progress”. This type of malposition will often eventually resolve during labour. It is not dangerous to mother or baby in itself, but can make the birthing process far more arduous and exhausting.

Malpositions can be attributed to a more sedentary lifestyle, or the mother's pelvic floor having some twist or tightness, forcing the baby, to contort themselves into a position that works for that situation but makes labour and birth more difficult.

The techniques I teach use biomechanics - the way our musculoskeletal system works - to ease baby into positions that help labour progress effectively. Many of the movements are quite simple and all are non-invasive and gentle. I also discuss ways of informing your midwife about what you have learnt so she can support your preferences during labour.

Moving during labour is one of the most effective methods of helping your baby make the journey through the birth canal and can help the birth to feel easier and more enjoyable. Moving can also relieve discomfort and helps you feel more in control.  There is a reduced incidence of long labour with less backache and less complications when your baby is aligned well.

The course shows you how you can increase the likelihood of a more comfortable and straightforward birth by learning:

  • How your body is built and develop an understanding of the importance of muscle and pelvic balance.
  • How to encourage your baby into a more comfortable position through position and movement.
  • Integrate easy, logical and effective exercises in your daily life.
  • What habits to avoid that increase the chances of a malposition.
  • How to recognise signs that your baby is in a malposition.
  • What to do when labour is slow and prolonged.
  • Using a Rebozo (a shawl or scarf) for comfort and to help release muscle tension in labour.
  • The importance of the correct size birth ball and how to use it effectively.

Price £28 per couple.

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WE recommend you book for Moving for an Easier Birth Classes from 24 weeks onwards.

You can attend this class up to your due date but some of the techniques used are really helpful for comfort right through pregnancy

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Molly O’Brien RM. BSc (Hons) AHBM. RCM

Midwife, antenatal educator and hypnobirthing practitioner, Molly has practised as a midwife for 20 years in both hospital and community settings, attending hundreds of women in labour. She is also been an associate lecturer at the University of East Anglia (UEA). Her area of expertise is physiological birth, hypnobirth and waterbirth, but she also has a wealth of experience in complex birth. She recently retired from full time clinical midwifery in an NHS midwife-led birth unit to focus on running courses for both colleagues and for women. She is an expert in normal, straightforward birth, and how to keep it that way. 

Molly chose to switch from nursing to midwifery after giving birth to her own children ignited a passion for the powerful and unforgettable experience of becoming a mother. In twenty years of clinical practice little has delighted her more than witnessing the calm, confident births of women who trust in their bodies and birth instinctively. A key element of such births has been a lack of fear. Molly understands through her work how fear interferes with normal physiology,  and how various factors, increased medicalisation, media sensationalism, and a less closely socially connected world have all helped bring fear into the birthing room.

Molly is an advocate of hypnobirthing, she trained as a hypnobirth practitioner on a course specifically for midwives because: “it’s an excellent tool, transforming fear into the calm confidence that gives women the best possible chance of a normal birth.”

In her practice she always took a "salutogenic" view of birth and throughout her career has studied and trained in techniques to help "keep birth normal". The techniques she learned and developed worked so well she started teaching them to students and staff in her hospital - this has evolved into a one day "Biomechanics for Birth training day for midwives and other birth workers that she regularly takes to Spain and has gone as far afield as Chile as well as venues across the UK. 

She also teaches "Moving for and Easier Birth" for women - demonstrating a series of "tricks of the trade" that can help get labour moving and keep labouring women more comfortable in pregnancy as well as whist giving birth and has just added one to one debriefing sessions for women who are struggling to come to terms with their birth experiences

 Molly Offers
Duration Cost
Hypnobirthing Course 10 x hours


Moving for an easier birth class

2.00 hours

Birth Stories Matter

1.00 hour


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