Free Antenatal Pregnancy Class For Women In Norwich

Free Antenatal Pregnancy Class

This free antenatal pregnancy class will help you understand some of the information your midwife gave you, only this time we can do it slowly, at your pace. This is a class where you determine the agenda. I’ll fill in the missing links or elaborate on the knowledge you already have and dispel some myths that you may have been exposed to on your journey to motherhood.

As a pregnant woman, it’s natural to want to seek out information and talk about everything linked to pregnancy and babies. Out come the books, the chats with family members and friends who have babies, TV programmes and the internet - sometimes helpful, sometimes not!

As well as answering any questions and discussing the topics you want to explore, we will hopefully have time to cover the changes happening to your body, a good diet to nourish you and your baby and some common complaints and how to manage them.

All of this, over a cup of tea and biscuits, giving you a chance to meet and hook up with other women, just like you. Let’s get together. Especially if you don’t have family around or have just moved, live in an isolated area.

Don’t go it alone - just you and your partner. Meet up and make friends or at the very least get some really good, evidence based information to help you on your way.

Learn about:

  • What’s happening to my body.
  • Eat well for you and your baby.
  • Learn about common ailments and how to manage them.
  • Socialise.
  • Meet other mums to be.
  • Chance ask questions to an experienced midwife.

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To book a free Antenatal Pregnancy Class or buy a gift voucher please call treat's Reception Team: 01603 514195 or [email protected]